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Hi, welcome to Xisto :P

It looks like you've already found the graphics section, and I hope to see some more of your work appear on there. Loads of members will be willing to give you any help you need with both your design work and getting your site up and running.

Also, take a look at the following links to make sure you keep within the rules:

Readme ~ Rules ~ AUP

Other than that, welcome again, and I hope to see you around the forums :lol:

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Hello WIS.

Welcome to Xisto, nice to meet you. Ah, I wanted to do the exact same thing as you, but I get stuck on so many other things. I hope your site turns out better than mine, hehe. I hope you will be letting us all here have a peak on your work or something like that, it is always so fun to see what others made. :lol:


Anyway I hope to see you around, and good luck!


From Bluebear :P

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Hello WIS Posted Image and welcome to Trap 17 from Mich, in Michigan, USA. What does WIS stand for? By some chance are you across the big pond from me in Wisconsin? :lol:


Love you graphics. Good to know we have another graphics freak aboard. Watch for the next sig contest and join in. Meanwhile you can vote on the present contest Here.


You can use the links just above my sig to learn all about Trap 17. You will need to know all this stuff to get your hosting and keep up on the boards. Make sure you don't post a lot of one-liners, they are considered spam. It is not the number of posts you make, but the quality that earns you credits for your hosting.


Look forward to seeing you and your graphics work on the boards. :P

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