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Battlefield Heros

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Here is some information from Games for Windows:

General Information:

Community management team a lot larger than any other Battlefield game

Game has "telemetry technology" that gives feedback on items people buy and how characters are setup

Entire game is 3rd person so you can see the customizations your player has. Also allows you to see your player blown into the air. If 1st person is really wanted it can be changed over time.

Assorted taunts and emotes

Any abilities you have show at the bottom of the HUD

No command rose like BF2

Holding Q opens 6 panels each allows you to select a jeer, wisecrack, or suggestive body language. These can be bought with points just like abilities

Players have a lot more health

Weapons less lethal

Spawn time shorter (5 seconds)

Firefights last longer giving time to use unlockable abilities

Vehicles spawn when you arrive at the point (no waiting)

"Intelligent Spawn System" spawns players close to the action

Both lone wolf and competitive clan play encouraged

Cannot switch kits mid match

Choose abilities before you start a game

Idea to do a cartoon Battlefield dates back to Battlefield 1942, Lars Gustavsson envisioned something like BFH

Basically, the next installment of the Battlefield series. There going for the Cartoony style like team fortress, but I must add, this isn't a team fortress knock off. This game is going to be awesome and different to team fortress. Focus would be on teamwork and having a good time. It's going to be totally free, DICE and EA get there money from the ads which will be ingame and around the game or something.

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BFH Game playBattlefield Heros

The game would have been fun.. But then the hack/cheaters have taken the fun out of it..  but I guess if you have no talent, or skill then you need to be able to see and shoot your enemy with a automated system.. I have seen videos of what hacked game play looks like and even a monkey could play it like that (probably a good thing other wise these people that use it couldn't play

-reply by Megadude

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