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Ares Ares Galaxy 100% clean P2P

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For those of you that don't know Ares Galaxy is a opensource person2person download service which also works with torrents. It is very simular to limewire except it is 100% clean and less tampered with. e.g. music files cut down. You can use it to send files you own the rights to to others (at least thats how the program remains legal) however they "trust you" to keep it to files you own though in reality with all p2p it's for piracy.


It has many good features including


No Virus's or malware 100% clean

Download as many files as you want


Works with Torrents


Surf the Internet

Advanced Search Features

You name it they got it

Video and Music player built in


On the downside


If you plan on storing files on an external drive make sure its plugged in when you turn on your pc or ares will set the libary location to default.


Programs not always specific (obvious) to language - I often start downloading files in the wrong language

Music played with it is not clear and often pauses for a second when your change to other programs

Does not play huge amounts of video files


But overall it is much much better than limewire or other p2p's


If you wish to download ares Galaxy


Click Here


I use it... I love it

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:-/ there are tons of p2p network software. Ares is just one of them, and it's also not clean because of the program, the reason limewire has so much crap on it is because other people put it on, you can do the same with ares by getting a bad torrent or something. I honestly use FlashGet because one of my friends said I could download from servers at 4x speed and I'm too lazy to switch cause it does exactly the same as any other program. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents.

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It's really good software; I'm ussing it frequently.But I need you help. At my University, it can not connect to internet. I guess, there are certain ports which are closed; therefore, how I can open those opened ports to connect Ares Galaxy. Which software can do it actually?Just write many solutions for this trouble as much you can.

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Ares downloading music



Hi my ares galaxy download music but it stops at 20 only. Before it used to be 700. How could I get it back to work? Plese help soon!!


-question by Angel Polanco

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Looks like a good p2p... almost the same as limewire. Maybe I'll give it a go. Really no matter what by using p2p software you put yourself at a risk for malware. All the crap that people put on other p2p software is rediculous. I've ran into a few files with trojans on any p2p software. My suggestion is use a good firewall along with it to prevent anything you might come across.

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