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The Make-up Topic

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I decided to make this topic to tell you a bit more about make-up. It seems like some people think that all you need to get beautiful and healthy skin, is to clean it and use a moisturizer cream. Well, you need that to. I am not saying that you need make-up to be beautiful, but if you wear the right kind of make-up then that can help you on the way towards nicer skin.


Have you ever seen girls with to dark foundation? Arrghh, it looks so horrible. You should not be able to see a clear line between your face and neck. You should use make-up to cover up acne, unclean skin or to make your skin look more even and silky. You should not look like you got a bucket of brown paint on your face, you should look natural and like yourself. If you end up using a lot of make-up every single day, people will get used to the fact that it is how you look, and will probably think that you look weird without that much make-up.


First of all: You should choose a foundation with a color as much like as your skin as possible. It can be smart to have two; One darker for the summer months - and one lighter for the winter months. Don't use make-up to look brown, that is not what it is supposed to be. If you want to get a nicer tan, then go outside in the sun. (notice: to much sun can damage your skin.)



Second of all about foundation: Use a foundation that does not plug your pores, that will ruin your skin and often gives people more unclean skin. You don't want that, right? :) Mineral make-up is one of the latest news, and is quite good. But use mineral foundation that is minerals, no oils please. (Some foundations contains jojoba, but it is oil free.) The mineral foundation that L'oreal got, is not 100% minerals. I use make-up from EverydayMinerals.com, they are actually quite cheap. Much mineral make-up will empty your wallet, but not EverydayMinerals! You can order a free custom kit pack, and choose the colors yourself. Read the FAQ's to find out what make-up suits you.


And then I need to say something about mascara and eyeliner.

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, use a light eyeshadow and white eyeliner. I use black eyeliner when I want to make an impact with my eyes. :P When adding mascara do not use the whole bottle... less is more, and if you use to much you will look like a freaking spider! I hate spiders.


And yes, I have got more. This is about eyeshadow.

If you have light skin, do not use to much dark eyeshadow. Of course you can use it - and it looks quite good on some persons, but do not go wild. If you have dark skin, gold eyeshadow can be really nice. :D You need to try to find something that suits your skin-, hair-, and eye color. (I know, seems hard right?) If you are going to a party it is okey to be a little wild, specially with your eyeshadow. Dare to use bright and colorful colors. :D


A quick review:

1. Less is more

2. Choose colors that suits you

3. Do not go wild with your make-up

4. Dare to be a little wild sometimes, like if you are going to a party.

5. It would be smart to have a lighter winter make-up, and a darker summer make-up.


That's all from me. What an angle I am. :)

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