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Aef105 - New Version Changes a list of the changes found in aef105

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Here is a list of the changes made to AEF 1.05, a newly released version of the AEF Forum Software.

1) Modified field 'language_id' to 'language' VARCHAR 50 in users table

2) Added Registry Key 'language' - Default Language. Default value - English

3) Added Registry Key 'choose_language' - Allow members to choose lanuages.Default value - 1 - means allow

4) Added Registry Key 'smiley_space_boundary' - Space before and after a smiley.Default value - 1 - means true

5) Added Registry Key 'users_visited_today' - Show users who have visited today on the Main Index. Default value - 0 - means false

6) Added Registry Key 'av_width' - The max width of a users avatar

7) Added Registry Key 'av_height' - The max height of a users avatar

8) Added Registry Key 'ppic_width' - The max width of a users ppic

9) Added Registry Key 'ppic_height' - The max height of a users ppic

10) Changed 'timezone' key from char 3 to VARCHAR 6

11) Added Registry Key 'last_posts_reply' - Show the last posts while replying in a topic - Default 10

12) Added Registry Key 'recent_posts' - Shows the recent posts on the Main Index - Default 8

The most important change is the inclusion of Languages and the ability to alter the native language via an Admin Control Panel setting. Currently, the AEF Group is looking for Translators. If you would like to request a specific language, please contact the AEF Forum at http://anelectron.com/.

Several of the User requested features include allowing Users to Mod their Timezone, Admins can specify Avatar and picture sizes, Recent postings list, and several other smaller details.

Mods are also available which include Email Obfuscation so Spammers have trouble snagging addresses, A Bank system, a Thanks system, and many more. Have a look at the AEF Forums to see all the details.

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