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How To Create Counter-strike 1.6 Server In Console Mode

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Hello! Now I will show you how to create a CS 1.6 Dedicated server :)


1. Locate HLDS.exe. It could start it from Steam.

2. Make a batch file. You could name it how you like, I writed it as start.bat. It should be located in the same folder as the HLDS.exe. It should contain something like this:

HLDS.EXE -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map bl_counterquake +sv_lan 0 +rcon_password yourrconpass -secure
I recommend -console to be there, couse it starts hlds.exe in console mode(it shows only the console, not showing the slow GUI with statistics and other not-necessary things), which saves up a bunch of CPU and RAM resources. It will be hard for you if you are administrating server for a first time, but you will get it quick :D

3. Make a shortcut on your desktop to your start.bat. Then start it. You should see a command promt application.

4. You could change the map with the command changelevel. Example: changelevel de_dust2

5. The maxplayers are changeable from the batch file - +maxplayers x, where x is your desired number. +map determines you first run map. +sv_lan is important to be 0, so the server to be in Internet mode. +rcon_password changes your rcon password. Rcon means Remote Control, with the rcon password you can manage the server from the game.


Now with the server running, you can play into it. Open CS and type - connect "serverip":27015.


The server IP is visible from the command "status" at the server console. You could also see it, using the command promt - open the Start menu, click Run, type "cmd". When the command promt is visible, type "ipconfig". Then you should see your IP under "IP Address".


So, I expect you have connected already to your server :P


Now I will type the most used rcon (server console) commands (you could use rcon commands from in-game, just type rcon_password yourpasshere, then rcon and one of the following CVARs or console commands):


CVARS (Console Variables, which can be set up at server.cfg. They will always be reset to the value in server.cfg)

mp_timelimit - determines the time of the map, before the mapchange. 0 should be unlimited

mp_freezetime - determines the freezetime at the start of the map. 0 means no freezetime


Here is a full list of CVARs(both server and client): http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Another console commands:

status - shows the current map, the ammount of players, and the active ones.

users - shows the list of users

stat - shows the list of users and their IPs

addip - adds ip to the banlist. It is located in the CS folder, as listip.cfg.

writeip - writes the added IPs to the listip.cfg. It should always be used after addip.

listip - shows the banned IPs.

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Is this Legal?I am not familiar enough with the 'gaming' stuff....Could someone else please check this. thanks.

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Unless I hear directly from Counter-Strike or other veteran players for otherwise, according to Counter-Strike TOS:

Legal Game Ownership:Each User is required to own a licensed copy of any and all software used in the server hosting that we run on his or her behalf including, but not limited to, game clients, game servers, voice clients, voice servers, FTP clients, etc.

Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights:
The User acknowledges that all copyright, trademarks (registered or unregistered), know-how, design rights (registered or unregistered) and all other intellectual property rights in the Material, the Web Site and the Services shall belong to GameData, Inc. and the User undertakes not to infringe any of the said rights. Other than to the extent required to access and view the Web Site, or for approved affiliates of GameData, Inc., no copying, distribution, modification of the Web Site or any Material is permitted. Resale or supply of any Material is expressly prohibited.

The User acknowledges that certain Material is supplied under license and that the intellectual property rights in such Material is owned by the licensor. Neither GameData, Inc. nor the licensor will be responsible for any errors or corruption in the Material provided.

Software Piracy
The user acknowledges that they own a legitimate purchased copy of the game or games for which they are acquiring servers. If they are renting a server for a mod, the user acknowledges that they own a legitimate copy of the game for which the mod was created. Furthermore, the user agrees that they will not alter their server in any way so as to disable, nullify or circumvent any copy protection safeguards that may be put in place by the software vendor.

However, I see no restriction on running one's own dedicated game server. In matter of fact, Counter-Strike is encouraging and promoting dedicated server hosting from their end.

Notify admins of this forum if the above topic violates any legal trends.

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Hello ZaM0,Nice sharing, its informative as being a player of counter-strike 1.6, i am interested in making own maps for counter-strikehaving you any idea or tutorial share it in this forum.Thanks

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Hello! :)
I have never used Valve Hammer Editor, but I can give you few links:

EDIT: I want to say a word or two for the people, which want to reduce their lag in the CS servers. You could download FireDaemon manager, which could start hlds.exe as system service, everytime your computer is started. I done that, and really, I like it :D Here is the link: http://www.firedaemon.com/ (The new one is the paid version(30 days trial). You could search at google for the old one version, which is free and full.)

1. Install it.
2. Open, click new service.
3. In short name write: HLDS
4. Check up "Console Application"
5. Working directory - (example) C:\Program Files\steam\your-e-mail-address\valve
6. Executable - (examle) C:\Program Files\steam\your-e-mail-address\valve
7. Parameters - all the parameters of the .bat file - "-console -map ... -secure (or -insecure) etc. etc."
8. On the settings tab - Show Window must be checked, select hidden.
9. Service priority - I recommend to be "High Priority".
10. N-JoY :P
Now, the server will be started automatically with your system.

Now if you want to administrate your server without being play in the game, you must download HLSW. http://www.hlsw.net/. It is free server administration software.
Now, here is a guide how to use it to work with your server:
1. Click offline, when it promts you for registration. You could register, but it is not crittical.
2. Write up in the IP:Port the IP:port of your Counter-Strike server. Click enter.
3. Click on the newly appeared server and click rcon config tab.
4. Write up the Rcon password, click test to be sure you didn't make a mistake.
5. Check up "Save"
6. Click "Get Log (Internet)"
7. Click on the Console tab.
8. Now you could control the hlds.exe FireDaemon process :D

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