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Xisto Corporation Would Like To Announce Its Revamped Website 7gears.com Enjoy All Your Gaming Needs Withi Xisto/7gears

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I would like to introduce to you the members of Xisto Network and Xisto.com 7gears.com, the latest website to be added to the Xisto network and connected to thousands of members who visit our websites. The website is branched off from the gaming forums (The Gaming Zone (7Gears.com)) to help expand its content on this site, and ipbgaming.com.


Gaming News


----------Gaming Reviews/Previews


-----Old School Review: This section of the website has topics that authors talk about old games from the 1970's through the mid 1990s. In which they talk about playing them back then to playing them now in the new generation of gaming.


-----New School Review: This part of the website authors talk about games from the current consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii), and playing games on the PC .


-----Previews: This section of the website talks about games that are about to come, which are based on either authors previews or previews from other sites.


----------Gaming Console News


This section of the website posts articles from across the gaming news world about the latest ups and downs on the top 3 gaming systems in the industry; Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii), and playing games on the PC


----------7Gears Gaming


This section of the website has various flash, online, forums games for visitors to play while enjoying the rest of the site or taking a break from various tasks and what not. Thanks to smashingames.com, 7gears has over 600+ flash games for every to enjoy. Or if you want to play some of those old school games then check out gametap.com. Also lets not forget the forum games and the Army System at IPBgaming.com.


----------Gaming Magazines


These links are to various gaming magazines that bring your reviews, demos, previews, cheats and more, so go checkout their sites and see what they have.


----------Gaming Cheats


This part of the site list various websites that have the best walkthroughs, hacks, cheats and anything to help you as the player beat that game.


----------Gaming Music


Trying to remember that awesome tune from your favorite game? Then check out vgmusic.com for they have thousands of your favorite gaming songs from all gaming platforms.


----------Gaming Wallpapers


Looking for a cool gaming wallpaper to use on your desktop then take a look at GameWallpapers.com


----------Gaming Trailers


check out the latest gaming trailers from all gaming platforms thanks to GameTrailers.vom.


----------RSS Feeds


RSS feeds from some of the top gaming sites on the net, as they bring you up to date on the latest happenings on their sites as well as gaming news across the world.


----------Other Stuff


----------Forums: We have a gaming forum for those who like to talk about nothing but games, clans, cheats and more, so register an account on Xisto.com and enjoy your gaming posting.


----------Top Sites: You got a gaming website and want a few more clicks? Then join our topsite and enjoy some good old fashion free advertisement.


----------Affiliates: Want to become a member of our affiliate network? Then fill out the form and display our banner or link and we will do the same.


----------Gaming Stores: Also if you want ot by a game or what not then check out either ebgames.com, gamefly.com, or gamestop.com.


With that being said we are looking for staff for the following positions, if interested get a hold of Saint-Michael Through PM, EMAIL, OR IM and talk about which position your interested in:


-Gaming Reviewers

-Gaming Previewers

-Console News Posters



So stop on by and enjoy Xisto Network's new gaming site and make sure to tell your friends about finding out the latest in gaming news, console wars and more.

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coolalways nice to have another website done by Xisto Corporationso it is basically a gaming website or did it allreaddy exist and i didn't know about it?

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wow great another new site from Xisto :PThe site is great but I'd suggest that you change the layout or add more graphics. it looks plain and looses the appeal of a gaming site.

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7gears got a face lift good job saint Michael the last layout was a bit to plain in my opinion. But i really didn't care about the layout just went to read the content.

so it is basically a gaming website or did it already exist and i didn't know about it?

It already exist i guess it just was not announced that it was out because i knew it about it.

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Yes, I had thought of suggesting this. But this is great news. I'm sure the majority of the people which use this forums has played a video game or two. If Xisto keeps 7gears running well, that will bring alot of the gaming community into the Xisto. I'm sure thats why your doing :P.

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If there is possibility then you guys can add the game trading thingy. That'll give the guys a certralzed place to look for games and get the one they want cheap from the other people or they may even trade the games.This will prolly be a very good addition to the website.

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