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Wordpress Contact Form That Work With Free Web Hosts

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Hi there,

I had a bit of trouble setting up the wp-contact-form plugin for my wordpress blog that was hosted by freehostia. At first I was using the free package, so I couldn't send out any mail. I solved that by saving all messages to a directory, and password protecting it.

When I updated to a payed package, I still couldn't send out any mail. It turned out that the From header had to be an existing email that I had registered with my freehostia account, and wp-contact-form used "From: <email-of-person@who-contacted.me>" I solved that by modifying the plugin, changing From to the administrator's email set in wp options, and putting the person's email as a Reply-To header.

If anyone is interested in these modifications, check out my post here:

I added a few more features, like user tracking too. Check it out! :P

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Wordpress Contact Form Plugin uses the PHP built-in Mail function so it doesn't require your a SMTP mail connection to send mails. I've the same plugin installed in my blog which is hosted in a free server, and I face no problems receiving contact mails.

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