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Very Simple Online Now Script This is a very simple online now script.

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Hi all, Its Aldo.
I wont be using the method of pagination, i will just tell you how to make a basic online now script.
When someone logs in,
now take into consideration that the name of the username input is username (<input type.... name=username)
First ,create a table in your database saying online now and add 2 fields to it. id and username

id type=integer(INT) , auto increment, length =255
and username = VARCHAR length=the limit a username should be in your site

now from there we take off :
<?php//logged.php//authentication script//connection script//if connection success $insert=mysql_query("INSERT into onlinenow (name) VALUES ('$_GET[username]')")or die(mysql_error());header('location:game.php');//if authentication or connection fails, redirect them to an error page.?>-----<?php//game.php//suppose you have a box display game data//in that box, you want to show NUMBER of people online$onlinecount=mysql_query("SELECT * from onlinenow");$ocount=mysql_num_rows($onlinecount);echo "Number of users online now: ".$ocount." ";?>------<?php//onlinenow.php//i wont be dividing results into different pagesecho "<table border=1><tr><th colspan=3>ONLINE NOW</th></tr>";echo "<tr><td>ID</td><td>NAME</td><td>OPTIONS</td></tr>";$oselect=mysql_query("SELECT * from onlinenow");while($online=mysql_fetch_array($oselect)) {echo "<tr><td>".$online['id']."</td><td>".$online['username']."</td>";echo "<td><a href='profile.php?a=$_SESSION[username]&s=$s&profile=$online[name]'>Visit Profile</a></td></tr>";}echo "</table>";?>

if it doesn work or if you have suggestions, or opinions,,,please go ahead and edit :XD:

Notice from rvalkass:

Added closing code tag.

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