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How To Make Pixel Text With Paint! Cool if you dont have photoshop or any of those

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First you need a font called minimum +1 Follow these instructions CAREFULLY on how to install the font.


If you're using firefox RIGHT CLICK on the link below and select "save link as"

Posted Image





Then save it in your documents. Don't worry if firefox "quits" the download. As long as it is in your documents you're fine.


ON IE....


Right click on link above and select "save traget as"

Posted Image


Then go to start and open up "my documents". The font should be there. Keep that window open go to do "start" and "Control Panel". In the control panel select "fonts". Then DRAG the font in the "my documents" into the fonts window. Check to make sure the font is there click on a font and press "M" on your keyboard until you find "minimum +1)


There! You're all done installing the font!!! :XD:


To make the pixel text:

Open up paint. (START, ALL PROGRAMS, accessories, paint)

USE the TEXT TOOL and select the place you wanna insert text.

Posted Image



That's it! Now you can make pixel type text with paint! :) (click on the screenshot above)


If you are going to use it for your website...SAVE IT. UPLOAD IT. Use this code to display it:


<img src= IMAGE URL HERE>

To make it clickable....


<a href=URL TO A PAGE HERE><img src= IMAGE URL HERE></a>

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Great tutorial! I use GIMP to do graphics and I don't know if there is a pixel text font with it or not. Is there one for download? Also, I may be submitting a tutorial in graphics on how to add a "watermark" to an image. Great tutorial though!

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What exactly is pixel text?I don't use paint that often, so this is not much use to me, but intresting nontheless.

use ful for creating userbars

I was wondering the same thing untill I saw this reply!

Now it has struck me that all userbars have the same font!! :P
Great post mate. Should be very useful! Whoever thought of starting a trend of using this font when it is not in the default fonts provided by windows??

But it looks great on userbars! Thank you
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