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  1. OK. Here's what you need: 1. Web hosting that has FTP 2. A script or something to install 3. A program called SmartFTP I'll use my site for an example... 1. Enter your FTP login info 2. When you login in your files, images, and stuff will show up. 3. Now that you're logged in you have to choose what file you want to import into your website. Go to "My Documents" and right click on the file you want to put on your site and select "copy". 4. Next you got to open put the dictionary that your website is in. Ok what that means the place where the "index.html" or something like that is your homepage. (Sometimes the dictionary is called "htdocs") 5. Open that dictionary up and create a new dictionary. If you're gonna install a forum I suggest making the dictionary named "forums" or something. So when you're done install it and stuff you can just go to "http://ww38.yoursite.com/forums; 6. Open that up and then right click and select "paste". (you should have copied the things you wanted to import onto your website) Depending on that size, it will take some time to put them onto your site. But hey, it's easier then hand installing them right? When it's done installing it, it should be on your site so you can enter your data base info and stuff.
  2. What does google mean!??? Does anyone know what it means?
  3. Wanna make your own pixel smilies! For cutenews, your forums, websites, etc.. What you need: A graphics program that allows you to zoom in very closely to an image (paint is OK... but not the best...) OPTIONAL... a program that has a grid when you zoom in (most graphics programs have them) I'll use a program called paint.NET START 1. Copy this image and paste into a graphics program 2. Then ZOOM so you can see the image close up. For easy use make sure it is in some sort of "grid mode" Example: 3. Draw your eyes, face, nose, ears, etc... Your *may* want to outline it like I did: 4. Save your image. 5. Upload it onto your site or photobucket or whatever 6. Put it on your forums, cutenews, website etc... You're done! Now if you wanna make animated smilies read on or skip it if you know how to make animated stuff ans stuff. :XD: ANIMATED SMILIES! You'll need a animation program, such as unfreeze animation program. You need a unzipper program to download it. So if ya don't have one use zip reader by PKWARE 1. First you need to make a frame. To make it look animated. For example, if you want to make a smily winking first you need to make a smiley not winking. Ok well here's an example of a frame if you don't get it. It's kinda hard to explain... First Frame: Second Frame: Put them together... You get a smiley winking! I used two frames. The first frame (as seen above) was just smiling. The second frame smiley looked it is winked expect it is still; not moving. When I put them together it looked like the smiley was really winking as if you would do in real life. That's a animated .gif! Now you know what a frame is and stuff...now we're gonna make them! 1. Make your frames. Use can use mine for examples: Frame 1: Frame 2: 2. If you drew your smilies then save them with the extension .gif If you you want to use my smilies then right click and select "save as" 3. Open up the animation program 4. DRAG your images into unfreeze of whatever you like to use. 5. Now you gotta decide on how fast you want to display your images (to make it animated) Do not use put in the number 1. Ok what will happen is your frame(s) will "move" very fast!!! experiment with them until you find the one the makes it not too fast, or not to slow. Right click on your image (in your my documents floder) and select preview untill you got it the way you like it! You're finished!!!! Here's how mine turned out:
  4. I think http://freejoomlas.com/ is a rip-off.They have ads and horrible forums on your site. If you're looking for a free joomla use Xisto or some ad free layered panel site.
  5. I made a free reseller account there. Here's my site: http://rainyneo.0lx.net/ My works prefectly. :XD: Here's my byethost website: rainyneositeing.byethost13.com (example site) My site http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ has a guide to make your site work. (under navigation links)
  6. Ok. I'm gonna use a free program called paint.NET. It's a really good program to use. This can be done with other *expensive* programs, but if you wanna make your own and don't have paint shop pro or anything like that then I recommend using this! Link to download paint.NET: click this link If you play neopets or anything this a cool thing! So you can use it for your userlookup, your shop, gallery etc... Ok...so enough about that. Let's start! 1. FIND a image you want to use. I'll use this: 2. Open up paint.NET 3. Find the LAYERS window and make a new layer. 3. Click on the "add new layer" button an d you should have a new layer. (new layer has a checker type pattern) 4. Double Click on the BACKGROUND layer or click on the "layer properties" button 5. Set the opacity to 100 or anything between 100 and 150. Hit Then hit OK when you're happy with it 6. PASTE your picture in now. 7. If the canvas is too big then go to the top and hit "crop to selection" 10. Then select the second layer (click on it once) and paste your picture there again. 11 Use the selector tool to select what part you wanna make transparent. (deselect all of the image first; located at the right of the "crop to selection" button) 12. Cut the part you selected. (ctrl+x) It should have that checker pattern. 13. IMPORTANT STEP!!!!!!! next you must flatten your image. To do so...Go to "image" and select "flatten" Or press ctrl+shirt+F. Then the second layer becomes the background. Then you can add text and stuff if you want. Then you're done! You're finished project: If you want to put text in the transparent part...(for websites, neopets, etc...) 1. UPLOAD your image. 2. Use neoextreme's blog coder to code your image. 3. You're done! Congrats! :XD:
  7. If yours got expected then go here: https://support.xisto.com/
  8. I play neopets! My username is shigger711. I don't like neopets much anymore... they're taken all the good stuff down!I hate the new neopets. It was so simple when we had the old neopets back. for example, the layout. It's horrible. The old layout was just a sidebar, and I miss that. Now the layout is a flashy CSS thing! And every 2 days or so they release a stupid avatar. You know, like a neopet blinking it's eyes or something. So they're really just stupid and useless, unless you're trying to be the top avatar collector or something. And the 2 WORSE THINGS are:1. Neopets doesn't care about the site or players anymore! All they care about is money2. Neopets wastes their money on stuff too. For example they have *stupid* ads on TV with a neopet blinking it's eyes. (A lot come on when the TV show drake & josh is on :XD:) TV ADS cost money to put on! So they are wasting lots of money for some stupid ads. They don't even stick in your head that well. So old neopet players, do you like the new neopets? Or the old neopets?
  9. I kinda like the new phpBB forums ones. They're like IPB only just a little different. The old PHPBB forums are okay... The thing I don't like about IPB forums (like this one) is that you have to pay for the new ones! And they aren't *that* cheap...well to me they aren't. I think the IPB ones should be free again! They're great forums. The new ones have a better control panel. See for your self! (https://invisionpower.com/features/apps) The NEW phpBB forums are like the IPB forums, expect free. :XD: You get get your own FREE one! So you can try it for your self. Although it is a little flashy... click here to get your free phpbb3 forum now!!! Notice from jlhaslip: Merged with existing Topic
  10. Now, do you think that there is a better search engine out there? Or do you think it's GOOGLE? And do you think Google is against yahoo and all the other search engines? To me, I kinda like the search engine dogpile... It may not have a lot of search results, but that's ok. It has the best search engines all piled up into one! (visit Dogpile.com)
  11. Microsoft wants everything of theirs to be the best thing ever. That means they might be against GMail, google stuff, yahoo stuff, etc...They *might* even be against apple! Curse Microsoft! :XD:
  12. What is your favorite kind of HOUSE pet? Well, mine is a dog. (cocker spaniel ones) I have 2! They're not normal size though, they're suppose to be bigger but, well, their a little small than normal. Their names are: Shigger (he's the runt) and... Doogie! (his brother!) They're really cute! I'll show you a picture of my dog shigger, (I don't have any pictures of doggie though...) Ok, here it is! (pic) That's the only picture I have of him. :XD:
  13. Mine got approved and I never got a email or anything from them...what do I do? (http://forums.xisto.com/topic/50532-free-web-hosting-application-screened-approved-by-thorn/)
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