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Dagoth Nereviar

Spellbinder Update If any of you remember the old topic =P

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Download links:


Direct Page


SpellBinder Main Files V2.0


SpellBinder Patches V2.5 (Needs the above main files!)


This patch changes the Mining Mini-Game, so that you can get upto 5 ores, and how many you get in the mini-game depends how many you get in real life, and how much xp you get (instead of it just being 1), also adds the fishing game. Also fixes several bugs to do with Tookan Forest.



What is Spellbinder?


I'm lazy, and I've been fixing bugs all day -.- so I'll just quote my website for a description:


This is an RPG Maker made game, which is still in demo stages. (Click the name above to download, or the small thumbnail to the right for screenshot)

It features:

* Day and night systems,

* Days, months and seasons,

* Weather, which is dependant on what season it is,

* Random villagers, who will come and go randomly, and go inside at night,

* Gaurds who patrol the streets at night,

* Different cults to join,

* Several dungeons to explore,

* Some quests,

* Fast travel map, a journal and map overview,

* Cooking, Crafting, Fishing, Mining and Smithing

* Random encounter enemies,

* Real song midis, from the band Sonata Arctica,

* And lots more!


It also now includes:

* A whole new menu system,

* A new layout for the creating items, making it easier to do!

* A mini game for mining, in which you have to move left and right and get as many ores that come at you!

* A mini game for fishing. You have to move around as the "bouy" or "net" and press the use key when you hit a fish, you then have to go back to yourself and press the use key to reel them in!


To install the patch:

Simply download the main files (SpellBinder V2.0) and install that. Then download the patch (Patch V2.1) and un-zip it to the same directory you installed SpellBinder to. If it asks to overwrite any files, simply click "Yes". All your saved games should be compatible.


There will be bugs with the demo, so any feedback will be appreciated.


The people involved making the game, thankfully it's not just me, are:

Land Of Silence - Making/collecting lots of Sonata Arctica midis.

Dagoth - Coding, Maps and Testing

Bleeding Llama - Helping with the music and major testing

Doyle, Rich, Ralph, Mike - Testing


Credit goes out to all of them.

Website: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


There will be a SpellBinder Wiki (Thanks to PeanutButter Wiki) which will have a more detail description of everything. At the moment, it's still obviously demo stages!


If anyone downloads it, even for a 5 second go and hate it :), I would appreciate it if they posted and told me what they liked :)


Thanks very much,


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The potential is definitely there!my constructive criticism is that on my resolution, 128OX768 everything is squished and is stretched vertically, this could just be my resolution and probably is. Also i would prefer it if the game ran in windowed mode rather than full screen as this way i could chat etc while playing. And finally the graphics are ok but i find it hard to see things, like there are too few colours or something, it seems very "dotty" if that makes sense and that makes some of the text hard to read. But as i said there is potential there and i think if you could sort out the resolution and such it could really work.

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That can be fixed very easily, all you have to do is press F4 to switch out of windowed view, then you can press F5 to make it a smaller view if need be :)And, yeah, the graphics arn't the best, but the graphics can only be a certain amount of colours per graphic (For example, I think the tilesets can only have 24 (may be a different number) different colours). Plus, I'm poor at graphics, so I have to use the graphics that came with the program :) :)

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