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Cryptainer 448-bit Encryption

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Cryptainer is a 448-bit encryption system to encrypt your data on hard disk to militaty grade encryption.

Simply install Cryptainer in your machine set an access password and activate the program. The Cryptainer creates a Vitrual Drive which can be accessed from My Computer. When you open the drive, a window very similar to Windows Explorer opens and lets your drag the data to be encrypted into it from the Explorere and those files are encrypted automatically.

Once you close the application the Virtual drive disappears from the My Computer. So only the person who has the correct password can recover it. Remember it is encrypted with a 448-bit algorithm, so this renders it almost uncracable or even if someone is so determined to crack it it would require several thousands of years or may be even in millions.

The files that are stored in Cryptainer are less susceptible to viruses than those on your harddisk. So you can save your data from pyring eyes as well as from viruses.

Know more about and get a copy of Cryptainer at http://www.cypherix.com/

But over all keep your password safe, never write it down or tell it to any other person, otherwise there is no use all the 448-bit encryption algorithm used.

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The problem with software encryption, as that malware can disable it, or find the keys that are being used.hardware encryption is much better, as it can have protection to make sure it cannot be disabled, or just turn the device off if it detects an attack.

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