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Lord Of The Rings - Battle For Middle Earth 2 Tips How to play LOTR BFME2 good

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well as i love to play the game LOTR BFME2 cuz it graphics are pretty good and they made a good 3d world of it... anyways just look at this if you play alot online and in skirmish:



In skirmish you got only 1000 CP ( control points ) use them wisely, and always, but when i say always i mean ALWAYS KEEP BUILDING...

This is necesarry as the enemy mostly has some units back at their own base so you make a flood of it, i always play in morder, when you play with morder, you should make trolls ( assault trols ) let them strike first, when they are getting hitted, you send your HERO on them, after that you get Archers on them, then you get those big elephants and some catapults or when they have walls those big towers wich can let your units pass those... then eventually they will die, but as you have some troops on stock ( i preffer the archers ) send those (archers are nice for long range ) also have always some trolls with you, as they are handy for the buildings... so does the catapults too...



Well this is pretty much the same as skirmish... only in this you must be aware that the players online are far more experienced and they will attack you from alot of different ways... so also put some people on walls if you have them...


Creating a Hero

Well first, you should think of with army you play the most of, in my case Morder ( or Sauron/isenguard ).

Then select the skills wich do the most damage ( handy when using the Skirmish tip i gave you ).

Give it a look you are comforteble with...

When on the Battlefield, take it to a much attacked area so it levels up quick, then start building the other hero's too...


Other Notes

These tips are for Xbox360 aswell, i can know it because a friend of my has a Xbox360 with LOTR BFME2

I will add more to this guide and if people add anything usefull on this post i will add it and put their name with it...

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I love playing this game too.. but i love using the cheats :lol: Anyways good tips . And continue playing

you cheat? i dont even knew there are cheats for it, oh and i forgot to add that this works for Xbox360 too :D

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Eh, I don't like cheating. But I will offer my help with LOTR BFME 2. I go with the Elves, they have really powerful heroes who are good with magic. If you want brute force though, go with dwarves. If you want someone who is in between, then chose humans. If you need massive armies with little health but bring their enemies down eventually, then its the Witch King for you, or do you want few but powerful units with sauron?Those are my two cents, play hard! :lol:

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Network Play

Lord Of The Rings - Battle For Middle Earth 2 Tips


My son and I have LOTRBFME2 separate reg numbers. When we play on network one of us will get defeated with in 5 min of start,and don't even get attacked both on same team. We fixed it on old machines when it came out but now cant remember how. Any help Please.


-question by Mark

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