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Ubuntu Users: Available Games?

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Alright, right now I'm using Windows 2K SP4 but I'm planning to move to Ubuntu just by the mere reason that I can't afford the 100 dollar Windows XP. I'm still in high school and I don't have a job that's why I still can't afford all my desires. But I hear Ubuntu is pretty good and even Dell is planning to use it for its future computers.I'm a gamer and a web developer and programmer. I have no concerns about IDE's such as NetBeans or Aptana and other Open source IDE's because of linux support. Instead I'm more concerned with the games I love to play.I've checked out the WINE homepage and found some games that I want to play and they support it. Here are the games I'm planning to play: - Battlefield 2 - Counter-strike Source/Condition Zero - Unreal Tournament 2004 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2Which of these would work with Ubuntu?

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Which of these would work with Ubuntu?

In the WINE application's database, search for the game you're planning on installing through WINE and click on the game's name. In that page, click on the version you're planning on installing and check to see if the distro you're planning on using, in general, will support it (install and run it). You may also wanna look at the comments to see if people managed to fix certain problem they've run into. Or, if you are willing to subscribe, you can use Cedega.

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If the game appears in Wine's application database as working then it is likely to work with Ubuntu. Usually people will have tested the game with Ubuntu and there will be quite detailed information available. If there isn't any Ubuntu-specific information, or none at all, try it and write up your finding on the database. That's how the community works!


For example, the Battlefield 2 page has information for Ubuntu 6.10 with 2 different versions of Wine, along with 6.06, Gentoo and a Debian release. Each one contains information similar to the following:


What works

Installation (despite errors)

Single Player


Even Mods...

I think that's everything?


What does not


Some fancier video settings, changing resolutions without problems and AntiAliasing.

Ingame mouse.


What was not tested

Nothing that I know of.

Many also contain detailed information on getting the application working, or links to a tutorial or how-to to get you up and running. Remember, if the information you want isn't there, ask! If no-one has the answer, try it yourself and report back.

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