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Underarmor Scape

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This is seriously one of the best things i have done. but it requires that you must first go to http://www.moparscape.org/ from there u can go to the forum, but what i have to tell you regards the first link.


There is this great invention called a private server. it is based off of runescape, however, it is a much better game. I have made a server called UnderArmor Scape. There are many features and more get added weekly. a new minigame is added every week along with many commands.


Private servers are easy to play and fun beyond belief. Making a server, on the other hand, is harder than i thought, but i learn java and i did it and it was rewarding. but beyond that, let me get to the meat of this thread. UnderArmor Scape is a server based off of Phonescape, i will discuss this later. To begin with, it look exactly like runescape, but is sooooo much easier. I have customized it to include many commands that can be found doing ::commands or going to the quest tab and clicking on command list.


Now i will talk about Features:

-Commands such as:



and many more that give you items, take you to places, and give you many hidden surprises.

-Easy Training

Ever wanted to be 126, or maybe 225, well in my server you can! And it wont take years like it does in runescape, in fact, it will only take a couple hours of work, maybe less! Private servers, such as UnderArmor Scape are great ways to obtain happiness because of their ease of use.


Have you dreamed of having a gold crown or a silver crown next to your name? in my server you can, well if you earn/buy it. for more information on staff go to http://www.underarmorscape.co.nr/ and look around, you will find information, help, and layouts for applications for various things.


Now onto server bases!

My server, UnderArmor Scape is based off of xlinescapepk, which was coded from phonescape. the only difference between bases are the way they are coded. pimpscape, my personal favorite is usually the easiest and most common use server base. at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ you will find a tutorial section with many tutorials on minigames, training areas, and countless other things. Phonescape is a less used base, but still popular. the server which i based off of, xlinescapepk, was and is one of the most successful servers in the history of moparscape! and by adding even more, i am going to continue the legacy even though it will be under a new name.



UnderArmor Scape training is easy. the main things to train are attack, strength, defense, mage, slayer, and hp, but hp and slayer are automatically trained will training the others.


Simply attack the dummies in the training room. you will see your attack jump up in level with record speeds, much faster than runescape.


Do you know how to close a door? because if you do, strength training should be very simple. all you have to do is close the door in the training room!


A little stack of hay is all you need, located in the training room, you can crawl into it and find defense xp, but dont ask me how it got in there, because i dont not know! (i actually do but i will never tell anyone! lol)


Teleport. its as simple as that. most users teleport to ghorrock because it is fast xp. oh yea, you dont need runes, a lvl, or anything to train mage! watch out tho, by teleporting to ghorrock, you put yourself in the wild, and could get killed, however i am adding a random area teleport thing, like runescape has, so you dont tele to exact coords.


do the command ::range and gain access to the range guild, simply hit the targets (no need for bow or arrows) and you get xp. range is easy because even though there are level requirements for bows, they hit amazing


there are other skills you can train, just find em!

oh yea, max skill is 120!



-steal from the stall in the training room, do commands and sell stuff! get a p hat, cracker, mask or anything fast!



there are other servers out there. to find them go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ then <- snipped -> and choose one


now to the ending! =(



to play this, you must first go to http://www.moparscape.org/ and let the client load.


Posted Image


After loading, you will get this screen:


Posted Image

it is very much like rs so its self explanatory.


After you go to Enter, you see this:

Posted Image

where it says username, make a username, where is says password, make a password

and in the server ip, put in (that is my ip, it uses hamachi which i will talk about next. there are also no-ip which i will talk about too)

there is something called ports, to change the port, default is 43594, go to file/new port, then type in the port. all threads will tell you the port. mine is default





some of you may have heard of hamachi, but those of you who havent, here is a quick lesson.

Hamachi is a VPN program. its uses ips and networks to link people and share programs. using hamachi with a private server allows the hoster to run the server, and the players to play it.

in order to play hamachi servers, you need hamachi, which can be downloaded at https://www.vpn.net/ download it. then set it up. now you have hamachi. it is simple to use and very convinient. to log on to a network do the following:

Posted Image

Posted Image


no-ip servers are more popular because people are generally lazy and dont want to join networks. so no-ip makes it easier. i am working on no-ip as of now, but so far am unsuccessful.

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replyThis server rocked, i remember when you made me admin <3but are you sure you arnt goign to put it up anymore?becaus ewhen you made me admin it was sweet because you gave me like a ton of crackers, and we had a giant party, was that because i was becoming admin, or is that.. just for fun?I really want this server back up it was really sweet, maybe i coul dhost it if you help!

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wow this is a very good guide to get on moparscape but can you show step by step picture by picture abought how to make your own server and edit it some of us are visual learners so if you can plz make a guide with pics on how to make a server ty

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RuneScape Terms and ConditionsEffective Date: 8th January, 2007You must not reverse-engineer, decompile or modify the Game client software in any way. You must not use a modified/customized version of the client software. You must not create or provide any other means by which the Game may be played by others (including, without limitation, replacement or modified client/server software, server emulators).Therefore, this topic is closed.

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