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Php, Mysql, Apache

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ok, i am hosting a smf (simple machines forum) and in order to do so, i need apache, mysql and php installed. so i got apachefriends xampp. it works, but idk where to go from there. am i ready to just host and stuff. or do i need to do a couple more things.basically what i need is a guide on how to set up a php website. or just confirmation that all i have to do is load the files onto the website, then im ready to go.thank you

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Provided your Hosting service already allows for PHP, simply upload the files into the web-accessible folder (public_html or www here at the Xisto) and reference the "index" file from your web browser.

It might also be advised to modify your .htaccess file to have the "index.php" page listed as your start page instead of index.html or index.htm (depending on what is normally used on your Host). There is a tutorial about this in the Tutorial section here . I believe you might also be able to install this package into a folder and reference the index by subfolder, but I am not certain about that.

Otherwise, simply renaming (or deleting ???) the original index.html might work for you ...IF... index.php is already defined in the Host's list of DirectoryIndex files. Might need to play with that to sort it out.

Hosting on your own local machine is one thing, but it is not reccomended or advised to use your Local machine to Host live onto the Web. there are security concerns and your Internet Service Provider may not allow it. Browse or search through the Tutorials here on the Xisto because i know this has already been discussed in another Thread.

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(public_html at the Xisto)

I think robocz033 don't request host Xisto! But other Hosting, too! (read the guide of jlhaslip )

Install SMF?

You must to have a PHP Hosting

1/ Upload the files to your webspace. This can be done through an FTP client !

2/Make sure you have access to a MySQL database (user & Pass) and enough rights for it .

3/make the following files 777 (writable, 755 on some hosts):










4/Navigate to the following address in your browser: ex http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (if you upload allfonder into public_html or www with namefonder : smf)

Fill in all the details, and proceed through the pages, remembering that your MySQL database name may have your username followed by an understroke or some other prefix before the bit of the name that you specified.

Happy foruming! :unsure:

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Well I would suggest you that if you are using just windows XP then you should consider switching to other platform before working anything more with apache and other things because the problem here is that it is really difficult to do something with apache in windows and when you finally complete it hten you have problems because it is not stable and many other things I would suggest that you try to make it work on some of the linux platforms. Also here on the Xisto you just upload your files and you are done no need to set up anything although you can do it really it is possible to set up some of the settings. It is just that I wouldn't do that if you are not certain in your knowledge. Good luck.

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