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  1. Thanks for answer. I am aware what triggers are used for. But I though it might be solution to problem.And I doubt that cron job would help also. However, the problem is that after time elapses I am required to do certain actions so solution you are proposing wouldn't work. And I used similar solution in several other problems.So this question is still open.
  2. Hello, I am writing web site using java (jsp) and mysql as database. I need functionality that can be seen in certain online games. For example in Travian when I send soldiers there is time they will arrive in enemy settlement. Now I am interested in this time. How can I fire certain even when time reaches zero. Thing is I studied triggers but problem is that triggers only fire at update and similar events. And I would require something time based.Thanks for your answers.
  3. I think that this is currently the best free offer that you can possibly get. Since they are offering to you free virtual server with unlimited bandwidth for a year. This offer costs in real money some 47 bucks a month. However the point of all this is to enlarge application production for facebook. But you are free to use web serververs for whatever you want.
  4. The more better one is sex.com was sold for something over 20M dollars. Isn't that interesting. You invest in the beginnings of internet let say year 94 for 20 buck and then 14 years later you have exchange 140 bucks for few millions. People are getting rich on easy way every day. And I am always late in it hopefully not for long
  5. no man you've got it all wrong it is not type submit it is value="submit". Type submit is for the very basic submit button value submit means that the following picture will be used instead of submit button that is as submit button.Best Regards
  6. After you told that it doesn't work I was intrigued why the hell this wouldn't work. And wrote small script to check it out whether it works or not. Now it works and you may have any image as submit button. <html><head></head><body><form method="post" action="test.php" target="_self"><?if(empty($_POST['tester'])){ echo 'doesn\'t work'; echo 'lol '.$_POST['tester']; }else{ echo 'works<br>'; echo $_POST['tester']; }?><input type="text" name="tester"><!--<input type="submit" value="submit">--><INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="http://localhost/awesomemetalcamp.gif" HEIGHT="30" WIDTH="173" BORDER="0" ALT="Submit Form" value="submit"></form></body></html> The main difference from the previous one is that there is added value="submit" this is obligatory in order to work. Best Regards hopefully I may have helped you, Hitman
  7. Well, I would like to point one very important thing people usually aren't talking about is why would someone develop free or open software and how would they earn money. Well the point is that open source software must be distinguished from the free software since sometimes yes it is true sometimes people provide software as open source but demand in fact payment for its usage. And especially for the support. Support is the main thing with which people are earning in the world of free and open source software therefore from the beginnning it is not free, it just looks free. And application without support and prolonged developer support is in fact a lot more expensive then some proprietary software or even tailor made software. So with initial starting costs of the free and open source software lower then proprietary and tailor made software. Which with guaranteed developer and company support can in the final checkout become cheaper. Depends what certain company wants and needs and how strong is their IT office. Also I did not discussed pirated software which is in fact the other side of these groups and making also good and bad things depending from the position of view. Best Regards fromHitman
  8. hehe well I am also watching movies sometimes even more then one each day. However usually I am watching one movie per day or few series episodes. And yes I am downloading movies however this might not be proper name of this topic since I thought that it is about addiction to movie watching and not in fact about downloading movies.
  9. Well that is not research but rather advertising material for that company. And I am really impressed how they are calculating in depth maps and so accurately it is really great algorithm behind it all. And those things with extrapolation look really impressive of course if they provided first manufactured videos and not some frame by frame editing.
  10. Well since there are a lot of people that don\t like using javascript predominantly the beginners. Here is the same thing just without javascript understandable to everyone with basic html knowledge. <INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="images/submit.gif" HEIGHT="30" WIDTH="173" BORDER="0" ALT="Submit Form"> Important thing is to notice that type of input has been changed. And good programing is to write alt so that if image doesn't load your users would be able to find and of course be able to use this submit button. On the other hand royalties for this example go to codetoad.
  11. Yes I agree that gmail has been providing the best service man can get for the online internet. But since many people are speaking only about good things about the gmail. I will say few things that I do not like with the gmail. First of all it is always in beta maybe this is good thing since it provides that application is in fact developing all the time. But nonetheless I become a bit vary since it is almost 5 years and it is still in beta from so prominent company like google. Also another important thing is that it provides in the TOS (terms of service) that google company doesn't guarantee anything of the data that you have or send and use with gmail. How can so serious I take Google as a really serious business provide that they cannot guarantee for your data and mails. They have backups and they have all those server farms and they cannot guarantee for few emails . Also they don't provide how long will service work and they keep the right to terminate service without any previous notice.I am using for 4 or it will be soon in the 5 year gmail as a leading mail and this is extremely serious thing. I don't expect that Google will stop providing this service tomorrow but nonetheless they should reassure users since there are certainly a lot of people that use it as a main mail. And what would happened if they stopped providing it just like that.
  12. hmm I didn't know that code name. However, important thing is that by extrapolating from the current large issues of the AMD processors I would say that I would put my bet on the Intel at this point in time, and because they have provided it far before AMD and all those fame and broadcoastings from Intel for reporters and newspapers is a good advertisement that can do only good also thay have took a large chunk of companies that signed deals with them for large amounts of these processors, and Intel will probably win this battle again.But nontheless if AMD plans to have this as a single core processor then this will be probably good as their last extremly good processor that de facto put them in the current situation. And one more important thing is in the last few years Core Duo made Intel famous it will probably be dogfight between companies with best of their pproducts presenting. Since AMD will not survive one more crash on the market, and company might even go to bankrupt or sell to someone else, leaving only one player on the market and since AMD has licence for x86 architecture then this can be quite dangerous thing. I wouldn't like to see so monopolistic or maybe oligopolistic market to only one company since that will for certain slower development of new things and damage computer industry all over the world also inducing high risk on IT sectors in each country of the world.Best Regards,Hitman
  13. It is completly illogical to make statement like that open office against Microsoft. It can only be open office against Microsoft Office. Or something like that at first I thought that Microsoft or open office are sueing each other
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