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Obesity Gene Discovered A discovery from UK discovers (United Kingdom).

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Obesity Gene Discovered
Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/archive?newsid=67666

UK researchers have discovered a commonly occuring gene variant that may explain why some peoplebecome overweight while others do not.

Well, this is a major discovery, it can not only explain why people are so "big" not matter what they eat, still,
they stay fat, very fat in fact, this discovery will also be a very big help to discover how to treat and even cure
this problem with a lot of people.

This could really not only cure people with the obesity problem but also to create a sort of medicine or remedy
to stop people from eating too much or to dissolve the fat stuff from our bodies, and that would be awesome,
that would be very usefull because we all know our concern about how we look, and how we feel with ourselfs,
with our body, and most especially, what people think of ourselfs, of our bodies.

Here in Europe people do not care with looks so much, yes, with do, but not like in the USA, in the USA there is
a very big market concerning products related to this matter, so this UK researchers discovery could be a lot
more important then we know don't you think?!

Just say your thoughts about this major discovery.

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Yeah it is true that this is a very big discovery. Just as you said this discovery is even more important for the Americans which are known to become fatter and fatter (more people are overweight in the USA). Of course I think it's not just the gene which makes people overweight but their lifestyle. There are some cases of people who no matter what they eat they'll put on weight. But the main problem I think is our lifestyle. As a big fan of McDonalds and KFC ;) I do realize that their food is not good at all (it does taste good I have to admit). Fast food in general is not good at all for our health...This is the opinion of someone who doesn't have problems with weight. Well I do have problems but they are related to the fact that I cannot seem to put on weight no matter what I eat. ;)

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Yes, i do agree, our lifestyle is the bigger problem obviously, because if we do not change the way we eat food, into a healthy way, there could exist a lot of remedies/medicines but if we do not want to change, nothing will help us.But that does not apply to people that keep getting fat no matter what they eat, and this discovery is much more important to them then it is to people that only get fat just because of their lifestyle.Americans are also known to have a completely unhealthy lifestyle concerning what they eat usually, but Americans can also change, everyone can change, and i prefer to finish my reply like that!

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