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Youronlinecash - Not Just Another Shiftcode Site Awesome site Over 300+ paid to me

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What is YourOnlineCash.com?

YourOnlineCash.com pays YOU to complete free simple surveys, offers, and try products. It's as simple as that. Register, try offers and your account is instantly credited with CASH!


YourOnlineCash is NOT just another Shiftcode site. This is soley made in PHP and offers wonderful customer support through tickets and vBulletin forum! My personal experiences with the admin of YOC has been fantastic. I once had a problem with logging in and I got a reply within thirty minutes! That's the fastest support I've ever recieved!



I was at first too, until I saw these payments (click on the images to enlarge):

Posted ImagePosted Image


It is so easy to make money! My 12-year-old cousin is even doing it and just got his $74.37 in Paypal (using my account)! His friends were amazed!


Remember, you get 10% of what your referrals make and 5% of what your referral's referrals make!


When will I get paid?

YourOnlineCash issue payments on Net 25 basis. For example, if you earn $100 in January, you will get paid on February 25th. (Earn the most during the contest and get paid overnight)


How will I get paid?

Payment will via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Visa Gift Card or Amazon GC.

What are you waiting for?! Go join http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Notice from jlhaslip:
copied from the web-site

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No matter how good a service looks - if it requires a social, I wouldn't suggest signing up. A VERY bad idea. If there are other offers this service provide, that don't require a SSN, then I'd suggest you go with those.

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Yea they make it sound so good but could definitly be a scam. One site I have personally delt with and gotten payed from is Treasuretrooper.com, They do paypal and check. Its a great site, Easy to do offers.

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It does NOT require a social security.Perhaps you were doing an offer that required a social. If you have to do that for an offer, just choose a different one.

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SitHomeCash.com is a Much Better Higher/Faster Paying Site

Youronlinecash - Not Just Another Shiftcode Site


Sit Home Cash is an international site based in the United States that pays you to fill out surveys, complete offers, and try products & services from our sponsors - most of the surveys, offers, products, and services are totally free!


Many of the purchase offers are for products and services you would normally buy - Only at Sit Home Cash WE PAY YOU to buy them through our sponsors. Shop at a steep VIP discount here!


Registration is 100% totally free and we even offer you an INSTANTLY SPENDABLE $3.00 Signup Bonus just for signing up.


New, exciting, free, and high-paying offers and surveys are added every few days (so you'll never run out of ways to make money.)



Sit Home Cash is an established legitimate business - We have earned our valued good reputation through hard work, top notch customer service, prompt on-time like clockwork (though usually early) payments, and honesty. Don't let anyone tell you different.



Sit Home Cash is an incentive (GPT or PTS) based site. We will pay you to complete surveys, offers, and view other web sites. Our sponsors pay us for the exposure, marketing, public relations, and potential sales leads - we pass a bonus on to you. It's really that simple! Registration is totally free. Sit Home Cash is one of only a handful of incentive sites that actually provide what is promised for what you have earned.


Currently we offer withdrawals in the form of INSTANT expedited PayPal (guaranteed within 5 business days), Standard (monthly) PayPal, Money Orders mailed to your home, and Reloadable Visa Gift Debit Cards (useable anywhere Visa is accepted including online and at ATMs!)


You may request to withdraw funds when your account reaches only a minimum of $10. You may request withdrawals as many times and as much as you want - when you want - as long as you have reached the minimum amount for the withdrawal method you choose..


You can also refer friends, co-workers, or perfect strangers while earning a generous referral bonus for work they do. We currently offer three (3) levels of referrals starting at a whopping 20% (which means you earn from your referral's earnings and his/her referral's earnings!)


Sit Home Cash Goes International !

We are in the process of converting the site over to allow our fellow global neighbors to participate in the benefits of our service.


The following is an updated master list of countries and regions we now service:






Europe (in general)





New Zealand

Norway Poland


Russian Federation




United Kingdom (England)

United States

United States Minor Outlying Islands

Virgin Islands, British

Virgin Islands, you.S.


-reply by Holly

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