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What's Happenig At Estudio9designs? A lot has happened.

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That's right, there has been alot of crap and junk and joy and trears and alot of redesigning of the site and re-work f the forums.

ESTUDIO9designs has been busy within the last three months to begin to rebuild a succesfull graphics resource community. But it takes more than just the staff to do this. That's right we have added our forums and we need you to join us and contribute a bit.

The froums are ot overly crowded with differnt categories or many sections, we want to try to keep them as simple as possible. We hope that as the forums grow we then can expand ..

But currently we have redesign the entire look of out main site which can be viewd here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ We will continue to make a few minor changes to the overall look, But as far as content we will continue to always keep that up to date and keep everything as fresh as possible.

We hope that you take the time to view our site and make a comment here at Xisto about what you think of it, and if for some reasonyou liked our site .. Then joinour forums, and help us grow.

PS. Are you looking to advertise, if so then send me a message...

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haha, I just couldnt stay away from the pacman link. +1 for the it doesnt work. It appears to be a frame but instead it just displays the html code as text instead of rendering it.Oh, and the design is really nice.

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