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Age Of Empires 3 Test your knowledge

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1.What year did Age of Empires make its first debut?a.1995b.1996c.1997d.1998e.19992.Which one of the tribes is not in the Age of Empires 3:War Cheifs expansioin?a:Aztecb:Iroquoisc:Comanched:Sioux3.Which Age of Empires spans a thousand years,from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages?Age of Empires 1, 2, or 3?4.Which Age of Empires game was ported to the Nintendo DS?Age of Empires 1,2, or 3?5.In Age of Empires 3:Warcheifs,what are the warcheif unit's powers?a.Ability to convert guardians of treasure spots.b.Massive number of hit points make him powerful.c.Boost the hit points of units around him.d. all of the abovee. none of the aboveThanks for taking the time tro complete this. :)

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I love Age Of Empires 3 so bad, only trouble is i've only got a laptop (dell inspiron 1300) with just 248MB RAM!! So here are my answers:






Keep in mind i'm a total retard, and when will we get the answers?

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