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Pacelman & Cellvader games made in EXCEL :D

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Pacelman and Cellvader. "new games?," you may ask... :P but not really!


these are simply variants to the classic games PACMAN and SPACE INVADER, and you read it right -- IN EXCEL! also known by other names, such as ExcelPacman, and ExcelInvader. :P reportedly, these will work on excel 97 and excel 2000 only, so if you want to try the games which can be freely downloaded, make sure you have at least the versions of excel as mentioned above. :)


i'm pretty sure you'd be interested to find out how it was even possible to recreate these classic games in excel, so i'd leave you to download them so you can try it for yourself. :P


download Pacelman/ExcelPacman:



download Cellvader/ExcelInvader:



(i could have easily linked the files for download directly, but i won't HOTLINK them [so don't do it yourselves in succeeding posts B)]. just visit the pages instead, as the author intended it to be. :P just look for the word Download on the page if you get lost. :P)


note: tested to work on my end with excel 2000, with macro enabled. :P

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Tried them in Excel 2003 and they worked perfectly. If you zoom in on them you can see they have made the whole lot by colouring in the cells, and using the script to "move" the colours when needed, but it must have taken ages to get it to look right.

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