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In Need Of Photoshop Elements 2.0 Brushes

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I finally got Photoshop Elements as I promised to do before the summer. I got a bit comfortable working in the environment, which is a bit (no sorry, a lot) neater than GIMP's. I like some of the Photoshop tools, like Layer Styles (a quick n' dirty way to make some nice team icons for forums), but I'm a bit frustrated over the fact that there are no brushes out there that work with Elements 2.0 (and of course I'm too cheap to buy even Elements 4.0, let alone CS2). I tried a brush set from deviantART, which wouldn't load, and one from the GFX department here, and that one gave me the same results. Photoshop was complaining that the brush sets aren't "....compatible with this version of Photoshop."

Could someone point to a place where I can get brushes that are compatible? I might reward some hosting credits if you succeed.

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There are a few Elements brushes here, but you'll have to pay, and check the brushes were either made in Elements 2.0, or are compatible with it. You could also try this page and download the brushes listed at the top, under Photoshop 6 or older and see if they work. Brushes for Elements are nowhere near as popular as those for Photoshop.

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