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Adsense In A Few Words another noob asking for help

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ok, i'm sorry if i am just another noob in the adsense ocean but i'm so overhelmed by that much info that i get unable to make anything...i always wanted to try it but never got it to a result so please help me in a few issues: 1)i have built a website based on Wordpress and i would like to get it online. Ok, here at Xisto if possible when i get all those points but my question is if it's better to get an url redirection to a co.nr or smth like that as long as it concernes seo? is mysite.co.nr better than mysite.trap17.com or it doesn't matter? 2)can i make a google adsense account before i have a site online? 3)where can i get a glimpse on what exact words should i use much on the site so that google brings on the best paying ads when clicked. Let's say my site is about sports, so what words related to sport should i use to get the best paying ads? I remmember there was a website that approximated the price for different keywords or combinations one filled there in the form. Can u tell me where it is?thanks a lot .

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to answer your questions:

1) no matter what URL you use, be it a top-level domain, or a subdomain, it's up to you. SEO-wise, there isn't much difference if you use mysite.co.nr or mysite.trap17.com. what's important for SEO is the content you have, and it sometimes helps (though how relevant it is for google adsense, i couldn't say) that you have a descriptive domain/subdomain for the content your site has.

for example, if your intended site is targetted to attract visitors for let's say "business", it can be helpful if your domain/subdomain has the keyword "business" in it, like businessathome.subdomain.com. but that's just an example. :) you can use relevant keywords for your subdomain/domain name relative to your content, to help in indexing your site. :P

2) nope. you would need an online site first (preferably with sufficient content that google adsense can review to see if it is acceptable to their TOS) before you can apply for you own google adsense account. :P you surely would have an idea what sites google adsense won't approve of: like sites espousing violence, warez, porn, etc. you get the drift... right? just review the google adsense site first so you would have a clear idea of the do's and dont's.

3) purposefully targetting your site with keywords to get the best-paying ads in adsense is something that is highly-frowned upon by google adsense. you may notice i used the word "purposefully". if you think it's a common practice, don't do it as it can jeopardize your account in the long run. "adsense farms" or sites whose only purpose in existence simply is to attract visitors and clicks via high-paying keywords gets blacklisted from their system, and eventually you don't get paid if click-fraud coming from these is determined after investigation.

best way for you is simply to create content that your visitors can find useful or interesting, without giving much thought to high-paying keywords. just do your thing for content, let adsense sit on your site, let it show ads based on your content, and if users find the adsense results based on your content worthy of a click, then so be it. :P and avoid clicking your own adsense ads on your site, nor baiting your visitors to click on them. besides, it is my opinion that keywords are a hit and miss deal for adsense. it changes quickly over time depending on their advertisers, highly-paying today and low-paying the next or no revenue at all (especially if no sale is generated due to click-fraud and abuse). :P that being the case, i can't recommend a site with the "exact keywords" for "best paying ads".

it might be useful for you to read the wikipedia entry regarding adsense for a brief explanation of adsense: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdSense

there's always the official adsense help center for more extensive explanations: https://support.google.com/adsense/

good luck with your adsense adventure. :P

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The Steps to Success

Create your website, with good and simple content that lots of people will want;

Then optimize your website, each page, for search engines, which means that you will have to insert the right keywords and key phrases on each page of your site.

Get a free tool to create and organize those keywords and key phrases, MetaTag expert is very good, i use it, and i got results with it.

Pay atention to this things, for search engine optimization:
(Though, the top quality content is the most important things, yet, you need metatags and the following, very organized to get the top google results for you website subject top keywords and key phrases)

Keyword Popularity
Keyword Density

If you do not what it is, search google for tutorials about those 2 very important things.

Get a ebook about seo and another one about google, google adsense, google adwords, google page rank, et cetera, which ever is good to pop up your site to top gogole results.

Then, buy a top level domain (TLD: .com or .net or .org), or get a free hosting account at Xisto, and if i were you, i will do both, host the site at both ways, with the same content.

Then, to add google adsense ads, create your google adsense account, you can not do it first because google adsense script will check if your site loads completely and correctly.

Update your site, at least, 2 or 3 times a week, but 2 updates a week is good.

Register in topsites with the same subject of your site, and topsites showing on the top google results for the keywords:

"topsites your.website.subject"

Contact website admins, which have websites with the same subject of your site, and ask them, nicely, to exchange links, and i advice you to do it first, so like that it will be easier to get the links back to your site, which google page rank algorithms use to define if a website is popular or not.

Register in banner exchange scripts, at popular banner exchange websites. This is opcional.

If your site have some kind of online business, and you need to sell in order to go on with your site, and your life, the most important thing you must do to sell is to register at google adwords.

Even if you are not selling stuff at your site, gogole adwords can bring tons of targeted traffic to your site, and the same will bring tons of clicks on your google adsense ads of your website pages.

Good Luck!


For google adsense and google adwords and seo, keywords are used this way:

If your site is about templates, to sell templates, then the top keywords would be:

free templates
buy templates
professional templates
buy professional templates
top quality templates
quality templates
flash tempplates
professional flash templates
photoshop templates
professional photoshop templates

et cetera, use your imagination, analyze your website logs to see what keywords and key phrases were used to find your site.

Keyword = templates ; flash ; photoshop (It has only 1 word.)
Key Phrase = buy professional templates ; buy templates (It has more then 1 word.)

Use this tool to get the most important keywords and key phrases of your website subject, it's very easy and quick, it needs an online connection to the internet

Keyword Digger

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