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Iframes Coder Needed

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Dear all,


If you know HTML, then you will know how to use iFrames.


I need three sets of Frames for my layout. Please make the content area have a scrollbar. Thank you!


Posted Image


I have no reward, but if you give me your nickname/full name and I will give credit to you on the site. I have a domain, I'm not a tker :)


Btw, I know it's basic but I don't care.

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Just use frameset, go through the above mentioned tutorial... I'll just give you a basic code to guide you along...

<html><head><title></title></head><frameset cols="25%,*"><frame src="header.htm"/><frameset rows="25%,*"><frame src="side.htm"/><frame src="content.htm"/></frameset></frameset></html>

I just roughly type out the code here, I wouldnt know if there isnt an error, you just roughly get the idea...
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are the navigation and/or the top section (i assume its for a title) static? or do they change as well as the content section?if they're both static you can use regular HTML on the index page, or css positioning for those 2 sections and you only need a single iframe instead of 3

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