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A New Side To My Website for authors and graphics creators

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Hi all,

Mods: Not sure where to post this but this seemed suitable so move if its not supposed to be here!

everyone else:

Ive just added a place where authors of poems ahort stories and songs and also graphics creators can share their work and get it rated by other people. So if you have the time pop over and register, i currently have a grand total of.....1 member, and that is me! haha!

But i only just set it up so feel free to join!

the Url is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I wanted to start up a a place similar to the GFX and poetry forums here where people with talent and creative minds can express themselves and get decent feedback on thier work. Its part of my plan to revamp my website, im looking for a nice colour scheme for the main part of my site (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) feel free to suggest one!

Colours is where i fall down, i get a scheme and like it for a few minutes then decide i hate it and change it!

but check it out if you get a chance and please help with my BORING grey colour scheme! I want something jazzy but not in your face if that makes sense and i want it to be easy to navigate of course and preferable using colours not images as backgrounds.


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Well, its hard to give you some feedback cause your forums seems have the default subsilver style now.Well, when selecting colours for your site you must think what can fit fine the content of your site. So if you are going to make a place for share Art work i would recommend some thing like Black or grey background, Red bars for titles and a weak Yellow inside the forums content. Yeah that would kick ***.... lol

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