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hmmnn... additional space... additional bandwidth. :)


also, mysql keeps going down... and it's becoming frequent.... and longer.

the latest is just today, and it took 7 hrs before it got back again.....

admin, can you please look into this? mysql is a very important factor why we

chose to stay with Xisto....




Why would anyone else want to use something rather than Xisto? :D


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looking at yr post....i didn't actually read any of the link u posted...firstly...this is a free web hosting forum... i think and i hope this will be a good enough hosting site...secondly .. yr post is like a mess...organize it b4 u post ok?thirdly.....there are a lot of free-web hosting web list web site in the net..why do i need to read yr post..?etc etc ...finailly i only can say...is this count as a SPAM post...?i think i can just copy this from some other forum or website..and post it here...=.=maybe not spam but rubbish post...=.= agree?

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I Agree with that Xisto.com is very good but i have a lot more personal websites and commercials too and i don't think Xisto.com let me host all of them, so, i alsow agree that we should know more good free host servers, and the information you have gived to us is very good. Maybe you should organize better the information you give.Thank you for your contribution...it was very good, and if you want to know more about free host servers, just go to this websites:http://www.freewebspace.net/ - In this site/comunity you'll find almost all the free hosts that exists in the www.http://www.clickherefree.com/ - 600 + free hosts of information

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the best host ever is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ but u need a lot of hits


Good site, guy :D .

the features is very interesting...

Our services are 100% FREE

We offer up to 10 GB of Disk Space per account


But i can't sign up for this hosting because of :D ...

Hosting Zero only accepts websites in the following languages: English, French, German and Italian. Support for additional languages will be included later this year.

P.S. I saw all most sites giving more space but their hosting is slow or always fail.

So i think i will choose for the free sites which gives me about 20 - 100mb :D .

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