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Signature Request By tuddy

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Please see below for full details...

Size: 500 X 100
Theme: Grunge
Render: Yes
Render Theme: Comic
Text: Yes --- In large writing (Part 1.) "Grame Tuddenham (GOD)" and then in smaller text, as layed out below:
(Part 2.)
425 (City of Ballarat) Squadron
Australian Air Force Cadets
Other effects: As disered if makes it look better (Althought must also be kept small in size)

Hi, Im tuddy <_< ... I was wondering if someone can make me a sig (2 actually but the same), one for here at Xisto and one for my AAFC Bulletin Board as i'm an Australian Air Force Cadet and quite frequently post between the two.

I have a Anger, Displince and Drill kind of mind set, like the Drill Sergeants out of Full Metal Jacket or HotShots .. and looking for a background comic/render thing like that if any can help.

I want the 2 sigs the same, but i want one that only has Part one on it for here, and another with both part 1 and 2 for the other bulletin board, and full credit to whoever designs and creates cause i have been looking through the ones made, and they are amazing. Not my area graphics lol ... I'll stick to Networking and Web Programming :lol:

Thank-You to all...

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