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My Own Rap Songs

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hey i m new to this forum. i just wanted a platform 2 post ma creations so i landed up here .anyone who can grant life(music) to my lyrics i'll b very thankful............so here goes ma song FLOPPED BUT GALLOPEDFor a second Yeah! just for a second Imagine yourself as a lost rapperwhen u have to fight your worst fearswhen u need to move on while everyone sneerswhen your welcome is done with cans of beersnow thats the place to control your tears n u need to smile on stage ,no matter if u are filled with rageto the top but you need not stopyour knees shouldn't dropyour breathe shouldn't blockcuz believe it or not but u haven't flopped.there is always hope as u may have seen in daily soapsu gotta be the person who is already dead but who'll come back againjust to shoot ya in head.now go to your bed n think of that bet which ya made with your friendbut lost instant.wake up,do i need to shake ya up??just go for a fast n raise your mastn prepare yourself for the biggest nuclear holocaust.revise you rhymes as many timesas you may hear the tinkling of chimes.travel back for the crowd is waitingnot for your song but to screw you off if u again start shaking.just accumulate your energy like Mamta Banerjeen start your rap,don't make it look like crap.it should be clear n loud n not down n out.but that doesn't mean that u will shout.show them middle finger if they start their gigglen soon u'll see that they are ready to mingle.u won't believe its actually happeningthat u are actually rappingn there will be no devil with its teeth snapping.i know the crowd is dense but don't be tenseyour song is immense n look! they have crossed the fence.they are hugging u, they are kissing unot kicking or hissing ya.just leave them there n run up that stair.n go to your friend who is kinda bendn know what , he is wet with sweatcuz man..............YOU HAVE WON THE BET.

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the best

My Own Rap Songs


The best is always never to less it has never come to a point where we just rest I was always the best then me and my friends always had fights once or twice I was the king of the hole damn crice so just give up and start at the bed of the tice and never to late to make a reck of hate it has always made us wait but then I had a chance to be the king of the ring again it was twicer the a champ of a king of the dang bang of a shang that had beats and names so don't you wish you were me just the best so back off and rest part 2 is coming september 16 of 08 its gonna be the best ha ha rate it


-reply by brandon

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who im i

My Own Rap Songs


I am the grime scene saver Rudolf raver chicken eater t-high streeters glaze more jumper Adidas sneaker prada wearer lyrical mc terror straight out the 90s error came out the clorin now I sea clearer open my eyes sea everything is lighter like dragon ball z and street fighter I'm nearer.I aint no hustle and no juny mother****er I am a crime starter I raise peoples bus fair if you wanna no who I am I'm your worst nightmear.


-reply by jama

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Who am I? I'm that dark feelin inside// that makes your soal cry. I am the cold tear that falls from your eye, I'm in your nightmares, like a pregnancy scare. I'm not there, but well aware to be near, I am the smogged air// outside yah home, I am the grimmas feeling you catch when alone. I am the bullet in your gun, the feeling thats still to come.And ima remain fightin till the war is won.-reply by Random spitter

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will you keep on rappin even though some wont like it?My Own Rap Songs

I think that all of these songs are awesome.I really like the one by brandon he can rap.But watz going on with people do people ever go on tis website,if you do please reply I want to see if you like the songs to! MAXIFRESH out!!

-reply by maxifresh

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hi my name is chris and my rapping name Ice-C, and I'm going to show you my awesome rap song called Imma pimp:


                    Imma Pimp


Yo, I atract all the ladies,

got 24 inch rims on all my mercedes,

Imma pimp I roll low,

I drive Ferraris for show,

I got some Lambraginis,

Some girls in bikinis,

with the ladies I'm know,

I'm like a king on his thrown,

chillin' with them in my home,

chicks always callin my phone,

lovin it when I'm all alone,

I'm so pimped out and cool,

makin girls awlays drool,

makin you jelous too,

I got gold on y rims,

on all my fingas are jems,

on my teeth there are grills,

all 100 dolla bills,

and every year I make mills.


I'm a pimp I'm so good,

I'm like the king of the hood,

I love hot girls and I should.


I'm a pimp and I ball,

I got a court in my hall,

I never fall, cause I'm strong,

I don't do lots of stuff wrong,

for example look at my song,

I got all of my bros,

and I've got few foes,

my jems on gold rings,

I don't smoke harmful things,

I'm a pimp our man,

chillin out when I can,

I'm so hot that I'm fanned,

I'm as cool as can be,

everybody knows me,

can't ya see,

I'm better liked than TV.


I'm a pimp I'm so good,

I'm like the king of the hood,

I gotta leave and se my girls and I should.


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Yea, I rap so damn freely,

**** any *BLEEP* *****, don?t give a damn who sees me,

Oops, I mean don?t give a damn who saw me,

You hardly on my level, catch a *BLEEP* racin horses,

Or, catch a *BLEEP* racin Harleys,

My style too loud, dem *BLEEP*z cant ignore me,

 They bars just bore me, they have nothing for me,

I alwayz ask for forgiveness, but I?ve never been sorry.

I'll be back in a minute, that waz just an introduction.

-reply by Earno

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ya *BLEEP*s cant shoot I'm above your aim 

all u tryin to do iz take me off of my game

u *BLEEP*s scurr wen I take out my nine gat

cuz u only inches away from death u heard dat

I soar ova ya suckaz wen it comes to rap

I run ova ya na 1 na 2 but ova 3 laps 

I'm lyk the air I flow

but ya *BLEEP*z all blow


-reply by swiftKeywords: create your own rap song

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Dreams, ye you must be,Trust me, it's like tourette's when I bust g,Mad sporadic, vulgar, and uncontrollable,Are we in Spain now cuz u keep runnin bull,And honestly man I don't wanna hear ****,I stay in dreams like Freddy to slash spirit,A reoccuring dream I had was kinda bad,While listening to REM I slapped up your dad,He got mad and bossed up, I asked if he was dreamin,So the ***** got tossed up, and your moms started creamin,She said you killed my husband, now please lay me,Not in your dreams even if you paid me,Now assume the position like we was making babies,You style is remedial, ABC rap crap,So I shoot down your dreams to stash in my knapsack,And don't get me started on your lil baby pic,Your sister blew me good and dissed your baby dik,I pushed her off quick cuz incest aint my thing,And I bring nightmares to opponents in the ring,Be it freestyle or written, you soft as a kitten,And if I don't get my points it's your face I'll be hittin,Cuz everywhere I go I make hits, thats it,The Dream song is for me, cuz shawty I'm the ****-reply by britton


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See.. I'm steady counting the seeds to my melon.

In the hood, them goody goods..Look @ me like I'm a felon.

I'm 17, just need paper in my jeans, so lord please

forgive me if I sell a little weed. If I bang a lil heat.

if I bone a couple creeps. **** thats just me doing me.

nd u ***** *BLEEP*z cant do I. Smoking mad l's man I'm 2 high.

speaking of which, I'm out... Nd u know why!

-reply by d-boi

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MY shits nicee lolMy Own Rap Songs

Let me just warn you that I'm an m-80 and your debating weather to approach me, soon ill be exploding, all these otha rappers irritated and intimidated by my skillz, with these beats in which I kill, all the time, different rhymes, same flow to the top in which I climb.Me and rap go togethor like key and lime. I need a dime fit to shine so, ladies if u wanna roll in my Mercedes I suggest that maybe you should quit actin shady and show me whatchu got, drop IT down low to the flo right up on the spot. Leave a *BLEEP* drooling from his mouth like hes got rabies, its the new generation on aftermath its shady, got the ladies goin crazy, poppin off wit them m-80's and Ak 80's leave a *BLEEP* runnin to his block like they all babies. MY RHYMES are so smoky itll leave ya eye sight lookin hazy, ballin like mcgrady with a hundred points a game and a million in my name, hotter than a flame, they try to measure up but I just puttem all to shame. Yeah your know the name and I know you wont forget it by the way that I just spit it, leave it lyrically engraved, right up in your brain, driving you insane, till you go and get that motivation to get fame...

I'm 16 and I'm white haha. Idk.. I think my ****s pretty nice.

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 u tryin to grab a girl to bring her to your lip

but u cant u to ugly

u cant attract girls like me

girls lookin at me droolin

while I'm poolin

I could eazly grab your lady

after 5 minutes she goin to start to call me baby 

u will walk in a shame

come back with your mommy and say I'm the blame

my girl backs me up and says your lame

she took me cause I'm rich

u a *****

I could take 3000 people for free to the hall of fame

another girl come for me and ask me for my name

she broke up with u she said u to fat go train

 mad girls no I'm a player

girls don't like boys that live in other peoples layer

ya poeple no I'm not wack at rappin

come on guys no word what happin

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