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Christmas Parties Is yours good enough?

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Festivity Level of your Christmas Party
* Festivity Level 1: Your guests are chatting amiably with each other,
admiring your Christmas tree ornaments, singing carols around the
upright piano, sipping at their drinks and nibbling hors d'oeuvre.

* Festivity Level 2: Your guests are talking loudly -- sometimes to each
other, and sometimes to nobody at all, rearranging your Christmas tree
ornaments, singing "I Gotta Be Me" around the upright piano, gulping
their drinks and wolfing down hors d'oeuvre.

* Festivity Level 3: Your guests are arguing violently with inanimate
objects, singing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction," gulping down other
peoples' drinks, wolfing down Christmas tree ornaments and placing hors d'oeuvre
in the upright piano to see what happens when the little hammers strike

* Festivity Level 4: Your guests, hors d'oeuvre smeared all over their
naked bodies, are performing a ritual dance around the burning Christmas tree.
The piano is missing.

4 sounds fun, one must conced that.

I think 2-3 would be a good range.

Notice from Rejected:
Quotes added! Third offense in one day! What are you doing??

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