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On the subject of spyware, I firmly believe in proaction rather than reaction. When you install Spybot Search & Destroy there's a section for immunization. There will be a link to install SpywareBlaster.

SpywareBlaster blocks your browsers (IE and FF) from ever accessing known websites that exploits your browser to download harmful files or stop automatic installation of certain program(s). Proaction--if your browser cannot access these harmful sites in the first place, you won't catch the bug. You dig? :P

http://www.brightfort.com/spywareblaster.html to download

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If your having major problems with trojans and the like, I'll start by recommending you have a look at your surfing habits. Do you go into site that may spread this things? Do you insure that you can trust what you can download?

I ask those things because, I can wager, that most of the problems are usually because of the human and not the computer. If you keep downloading stuff you don't know about, or don't know about basic security on the 'net, then God bless you when that nex trojan comes in.

As for software, I recommend you going out and buy a good one. But if your a cheapskate like me, I would recommend either AVG or avast. I personally prefer avast, even though I've only just used it.

BTW: Here are the links
https://www.avast.com/de-de/index - Thats avast, you need to register, but its free.
http://www.avg.com/de-de/free-antivirus-download - The AVG one. This one doesn't get updated as often, but it's a pretty ok free one.


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