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a wiser man learns from other's mistake.
parrots fly less but talk much...

love is a prety mistake that makes you experienced.

a cigarrate has fire at one end and fool at the other.

truth of life....even this will pass away.

if you like the quotations plz post the quotations alnog with the names of the person who said it. At the end we can have a nice collection of quotations.

Notice from BuffaloHELP:
Words that are not of your own MUST be QUOTED it! This is how you use the quote tag
[QUOTE] <<insert exactly>>[/QUOTE]
and must sight or name who gave the quote. This is your last caution note. If you are having difficulties, when you post to your left you will see BB Code Help link. Use it.

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Well, after having a sound struggling with my GF I formed a qute

it is

<<Love without Togetherness is sin>>

By the one line you could have felt how much I might be suffered by the seperation with her. I am in the state that I can not live without her. Now we are doing good.

Here the word togetherness means physically together, as well as mentally together like without any fight or quarelling :lol:

Wahtever it may be, togetherness between lovers brings happy and divine joy. If something denies this, I mean seperarion denies the divine Joy, so I put the word sin.

Waht do you think people ? ^_^

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Did you know? When you die, theres nothing at all. Nothing at all

Robert Highdown from La Loi D'Ueki. Yeah, it's in french XD but this line really struck me...I never thought of death that way. Especailly the way he said it, and the expression on his face. I mean, that was so cool XD *crazy*

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