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Setting Up A Fanlisting Can someone help me?

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I'm starting a fanlisting (approved by TFL.org) but I am totally stuck. I know HTML and JavaScript really well, but I'm new to PHP. I've downloaded phpfanbase to use, does anyone have a good tutorial (for complete dummies) that I can follow? Or even some tips on how to incorporate the PHP code within my HTML.The design, layout and graphics etc are finished. It's just this darn PHP stuff!I'm pulling my hair out!

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I'm not familar with the phpfanbase script, but in most cases these scripts are designed to run 'stand-alone'. This means the script is the entire site and it's not always easy to tailor the look of the script to suit your site. I have looked at the homepage for the script and it appears to use CSS for it's formatting, in theory you should be able to tailor the CSS to suit your needs. To add the script to your site you should follow the install instructions that come with the script, they seem pretty comprehensive. The script homepage also has tutorial and FAQ sections that might help you. If you're still stuck, try asking your question on the forums at the script homepage.

For further information about PHP, try these sites.

PHP Freaks
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Hope that helps. :huh:

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well first yo


1.- Log into your domain's control panel and create a new database called fanlistings or whatever you want. Then, either create a new user, or give an existing user access to the

database. You will need the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and CREATE privileges.


2.- open the config.php file and edit the variables. The variables are the $sitename ="" and besides them are an explanaiton after the // things let me put and example:


$sitename ="Elvellon's Fanlisting"; //This is used in the email sent to approved members, so it might be useful to include the fanlisting subject, like Name: The Subject Fanlisting


$siteurl ="http://lyrics.url.com/;; //The url to your fanlisting (no trailing slash!)


$adminemail ="mail@something.com"; //Your email address.


------ Some Connection important stuff -------------


here is MY configuration for my fanlisting


// information needed to connect to mysql

$dbhost = "localhost"; // usually this is localhost but if it doesn't work, check with your hosting provider

$dbname = "crystal_fanlisting"; // the name of the databse you want to put the phpFanBase tables in (it's very important that you put your MySQL username in front of the dbname like if your MySQL username is elvellon then the dbname would be elvellon_fanlisting)

$dbuser = "crystal"; // your MySQL username (must have access to database above) if you have an Xisto hosting account then your username is usually your MySQL username$dbpass = "******"; // the password you want to protect the FL


i hope this helps you =)

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