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The Game House Great Free Games + Free Domain Names

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Hey Guys,

I Thought I Would Let You All Know About The Game House. I think It's The Best Gaming Site Out There For Flash Games. Has All The Great Ones From All The smalll sites Put Into One Great Big Site. The Sad Part Is That Not Alot Of People have Joined Because We Are New. We Would Love To Have You Come And Join The Site! It The Best Free Game SIte I Have Ever Been On. ( I Am Not Staff, But I Am A Proud Member )

The Domain Names:

I feel proud to announce to you all that the Game House is unveiling its forum (Game Forums) to the public with an amazing offer.
OFFER: You can win two (2) domain names absolutely at no cost to you. They are free to grab

Details: Please go to our forums and check the Offer of domains in Announcements section.

NEW EDIT: After minimum eligibilty, for every extra 100 post count you have, your name will be entered again into draw. Say, you got 300 posts more than minimum requirement, your name will entered 3 more times. Good luck.

If you have any questions, go ahead ask them on our forums. ChrisM (our technical administrator) and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Please note the members who have already registered on Game House will be eligible once they register on the forums also and make posts as per the requirements.


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