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How To Make A "battlex" Game Set for on the go, or at home

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Battlex is a game I made on my own that is easy to play and learn, and is kinda like dungons and dragons, but watered down alot.


You may want to read the rules first and then how to make it so you knida know what you want to do with certain things.


Here's how we make everything:


if you want to make an On-the-go set:


We need a box for the game. Get a good sized altoids container, n64 game cartrage case, or something about the size of a deck of cards. It doesen't really need to be that specific size, just generally that size. Put it aside. Now we'll make the markers. Take 6 (six) tacks of different colors, and pull the point out with needle nozed pliers. If this does not work, take the wire cutting part of the pliers (or any wire cutters), and cut the point of as close to the plastic peice as possible. File down the rest of the point with a nail file untill the bottom of the tack is flat. Repeat for the remaining 5 of them. once you're done with that, place them in the container. now you need two dice: a 20 sided dice and an 8 sided dice. Put them in the container. Now we will make the board. It will look like a manopoly board, or a board that is square, if you know what I mean. Take a peice of posterboard or oak tag, and cut it to the size of your container (must be square peices), and make one more of them the same size, and two that are slightly shorter on one side. Now go into microsoft word, paint or something you can make a table with, and make a table with 15 rows and 15 columns. Now adjust it so it fits on all four of those poster board peices when you lay them down on a table to make a big square, but make sure that you have the shorter ones on one side, and the bigger ones on the other. also, make sure that there are space between those two sides. use the program's ruler, or something. now make the top and bottom two rows a light gray. Print it out, and paste it on all four of those posterboard squares. Cut down the two sides of the shorter posterboard squares and stop when you get to the middle of the board. Now fold it down the middle, where you made that little cut in the board. Now fold the two shorter sides in, and you have your board. Make A "maze" on the board by darkening gridlines. You can make multiple boards. Just shade in solid pillars and closed empty rooms and stuff. You are done with your set. If you want print the rules out and put them in with the game.



To make a home board, just alter the board so that it is much bigger, use a cookie tin or something. Don't forget the board has to fit in the box. Use sorry peices or something like that for the markers.



Now for how to play:


Rules for "Battlex"

for 2 to 6 players.


for any even number of players:


put an equal ammount of markers in the grey spaces. Those are your "teams". everyone rolls the 20 sided dice. Whoever gets the highest number goes first, seccond highest goes second, third highest goes third, etc. on your turn, you roll the eight sided dice. One person per square On your first turn roll the 20 sided dice. you move the number of squares you roll. You can move diagonally, vertically, or horrizontally, but not through walls. If someone on the opposite team is within 8 squares of you, not counting the one you are on, you can attack them, but not through walls. Roll the eight sided dice. If that person is within the number of squares you rolled, you may attack them. roll the 20 sided dice. When you start out, you get 100 life points. you simpally subtract what you rolled from their life points. when your life points have reached 0 or less, you are "dead" and your marker is removed from the board. When one team is all dead, the other team wins.


When playing with odd numbers of people:


one person must be a "gremlin" and must wander the board and attack other people from any team, as any normal player would, but watch out: gremlins have double range, and attack power! they can attack from up to 16 squares away, and can take away up to 40 health points! (you just double what you roll) Gremlins are imortal, and you cannot kill them, but you can stun them (basically attacking, but the gremlin is inactive for 2 turns)


other then that you have normal play.







I think you get that. If you see any errors, just let me know, and I'm planning on updating this, so either check the tutorials for a new rules set, or check back on this thread. Hope you like my game!

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yeah, I'm working on a version where you make your own character and all, and also a version with elements and such. Anotherwords, you can play with new addon rules and methods with this game. You can also make your own, just post 'em here! that's how great this game is, it's so simple anyone who is just starting out can play like a pro

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I don't think this belongs in the tutorial section. Since it's a "How To" RPG I'd say the RPG section would fit it nicely.Very good job on the game man! I've never met many people who make actual board games. If you can get some good boards and sprites going, maybe you can actually sell this, like a...a..what's that called, RISK! Yah, maybe like a Risk game. Very nice.

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