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Iqara Telecoms India Private Limited



I have been using IQARA Internet service from the last one year at my home computer. After being a customer of this company from such a long time, I can assure one thing to everyone reading this...


IQARA is a leading Internet service provider in Mumbai. The day when I signed up, I was told "Sir, your Iqara internet connection would be setup within a week!", Well, this was the commitment I got. But after a week, there was no response. Then it took them another week to finally setup the connection.


IQARA Customer complaint register has SO MANY ENTRIES which I have filed, but there are hardly any which have ever been solved.


The Engineers who are sent to my house for fixing the Internet Connection are usually dumb *** people. I feel like laughing on them when they keep on struggling over simultaneously downloading 4-5 files, trying to prove that the connection speed is fine. They simply do dumb things! (one engineer Mr. Vaibhav is exception, who did help out with many things)


This is one service provider, where the customer has to struggle to pay the bills. You may never know, when your connection would be disabled for billing. Anyway, Seriously guys, there are 100's (I mean it) of complaints which I got. I have lost my connection many times over this.


But the main reason for which I am writing this is, around 2 weeks back, I ordered an UPGRADE for my internet connection speed. I got a LIMITED download amount. Since two weeks, I have been using my Connection and I am not getting the speed. My downloading LIMIT (in mbs) are being exhausted day by day. So that fact is, I have paid for something which I am not getting at all.




Why I am saying this, Because I never got any of my issue resolved. This does give me every right to say this, Don't I!


IQARA TELECOM is supposed to be the leader of Internet Sevices.. LOL (my ***)! They say, its the branch of BG group from UK. (watever...) When it comes to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, I think they don't have enough money to pay good to their employees. I hope they pay them well, so that they work properly.




Your phone is never answered by any of their staff atleast in the first ring never. No use taking their number of calling them. They say themselves, we are soo frustrated that we don't answer them. Obviously, you will not, especially when you are providing such a CRAPPY service. (Not customer care number) If you really want them to answer, call atleast 2-3 times.

You will be given such a friendly assurance with sweet voice that you think, phew! there, my job is done! But, after their commitment time is over, you again keep dialing that person!

Its guaranteed, that with every new purchase or Order, there will be Some issues.

You are smarter than the Engineer who comes to your place.

You are given DUMB excuses and next time, you are so used to it, that you can figure out what they are going to say next...:ph34r:

Iqara staff says, he will call you back. In short he is saying "BUZZ off! I got better things to handle!" They never ever call you back.

Your complaint at Iqara customer care takes 2 days to forward it to your branch. If they do solve your query! MAN! Your LuckY!

You are more worried about Billing than Iqara staff themselves. Usually you get a call for RENEWAL after your internet is disconnected!

Sending a mail at their site is also of no use.

If you are a customer, its 110% guaranteed, that they have screwed up your information in their database. My name and address, both were wrong in the database. How could anyone be sooo damn careless.

Iqara office will be filled with some or the other clients who are fighting there with their issues like me.

If you are told that your ISSUE will be solved with a day, assume it 4-5 days atleast. If they say, they will send an employee to your place tomorrow morning, then it will be tomorrow evening if you are lucky.

If you are lucky and Iqara staff (in their office) answers your phone, after telling them your entire internet issue, you will be told to call "customer care" no. Why the hell, should I call customer care when my job as a customer is to notify YOU about the freagin issue I am going through.

If you call them regarding billing or any payment issues, you will be given diffrent phone numbers and forwarded here and there.


I can't blame any one particular person there. I put a complain, the person who answers me, says he has done his part of the job. Now, God knows, where the issue gets stuck. But as a customer, I would rather only care about my issue and my complaint. So, its companies responsibility to improve their infrastructure and to make sure, Client requests pass woud smoothly and solved quickly. Anyway, This is like a dream for Iqara!




I use two internet connections from IQARA. One is for Nightime usage and the other one is for day time. I already had the night time package, When I ordered day time package, I was told that, My internet cannot be used on the same modem and I will have to install seperate modem with seperate wiring for it.


I paid them Rs. 1500 for all that ****, and after the connection was done. I had two MOTOROLA Cable modems with me. One day, just for curosity, I tried connecting to day time package using the Night package modem. And it GOT CONNECTED!! Now, that is why I say, the ENTIRE STAFF is filled with DUMB *** PEOPLE! I even talked to manger regarding this. So well, I prove my point, IQARA has dumb *** employees.


If they asked me, "SIR, WE ARE STINGY !!!!!!!!S and OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO RIP OF MONEY FROM YOU, SO WE CANNOT SETUP YOUR CONNECTION WITHOUT THAT MONEY" I would had slapped the money on their face. But for God's sake, Don't drill holes and put all that crap in my house when its not required!


Anyway, there are many many many more experiences... The above is just the tip of the iceberg. There has not a single month where I have not contacted them for some **** or the other. Any IQARA employee who wants to contact me can check my account No. 110387 in your records. You will understand how GENUINE my comments regarding your company are.





Office No. 211,

2nd Floor,

Arenja Corner,


Vashi. N. Mumbai.


Notice from Rejected:
Edited out some bad words...you know better! :D
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Wow...now I know if I ever move to India, not to use their service. I know it takes alot Opaque toget opaque angry...and he seemed very p.oed on this.How much in USD would Rs. 1500 be?

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Yeah me to. If i ever move to India not to use this service. Anyway they sound just horrible. Yes from the post ^ i have never seen Opaque this is my first time ever. So just wow. This sounds like a service never to use.

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Wow...now I know if I ever move to India, not to use their service. I know it takes alot Opaque toget opaque angry...and he seemed very p.oed on this.


How much in USD would Rs. 1500 be?


Heh, Its around $35. The current conversion rate from US-> INR is around 43.5.


And thanks for editing out those slang terms used. I was seriously frustrated when I wrote that review. I didn't even care about the grammar or spellings.


Iqara has a serious problem of commitment. In the month of September 2005, the service had lot of ups and downs. There were too many downtimes. (not permanent ones, but the connection used to go offline for sometime and happended repeatedly.) This month (October 2005), There have been no such issues lately.


Frustrated by their service and reliability, I signed up with another ISP. Luckily, they did provide service in my area. At the moment, I have 3 internet connections. Two from IQARA and one from MTNL.


Anyway, things are fine now :) I will keep you guys updated.

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Reliability. Because Internet is my work. So if the net goes down, its equivalent to a power outage for me.

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MY GOD i missed the evil doings of OpaQue twin, but yeah any idot knows that you only need one modem, hell i could run that place better then them.but still i would have like to have seen those wonderful words that got delete just so i could have a good laugh, and people say you have no personality, i was reading a little bit it almost sounded like you work for them, but good thing i read the rest it.well lucky for me i don't have to worry about living over there and get crappy service.

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tell them to fix your service and sto pscrewing you over then maybe just maybe you will take it off.nah, whats the worse they can do take your ISP away ooooh, techniqualy you cam bring them for court for bad service or false advertisement or something like that i don't know how the court system works there, but screwing people over is bad karma.also interested what they said, most likly something dumb like there service. I love bad mouthing a ISP it is so fun. :P

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lousy service of IQARA(YOU TELECOM now)

Iqara Telecom


Yes I fully agree with the views.I ahd applied thru mail to them for disconnection in march 2008(and given one month's notice)bills are coming and no disconnection in sight.

As aptly said it is all sweet talk and no action.


The entire setup and staff appears to be dozing and is just not bothered about customers and their woes.


-reply by asthana

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Well, I have seen a lot of complaints about Iqara (now rebranded as You Telecom) over the Net.So initially I was quite reluctant while getting their connection.I am residing at Vashi (Navi Mumbai) Sector 29 and used to be a Sify user for over 3 years. The service was pretty good.Then the quality started really getting bad to the point that I started looking for another ISP.I came across You Telecom as the only other widely-used service in Navi Mumbai.At that time (mid 2007), a lot of users from Sify Vashi had switched over to You Telecom.I myself have been using You Telecom (formerly Iqara) for over a year now, with the 512kbps 6GB monthly package, with a dedicated modem connection.So far, I have hardly had any complaints whatsoever. In fact, I remember having called the YouTele support only twice over the past one year.Now this is my personal experience, along with those of quite a few other people I know from Navi Mumbai.Other areas in and out of Navi Mumbai might have be having problems but I have had a good service from these guys till date.

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