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You have a grandfather, a father and the son/grandson. Its kind of hard to explain, but there are 3 people. One is the father of the one and grandfather of the other. One is the son of one and father of the other, and the last guy is the son and grandson.

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You know this one??Put 9 points on a paper in rows of 3. So 3 by 3.You may use 3 lines and not remove the pen from the paper to go trough all points. If you know the answer. Make it in paint ore something and reply....

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A turtle with no shell, I'd say he was both naked and homeless, although I'm sure someone will take him in and give him some clothes! :)


Try this one:


Rob, Clive and Sam each have one of these jobs; accountant, teacher and scientist. Their salaries are ?50,000 ?25,000 ?40,000. Work out who has each job and their salaries from these clues:

Rob is not a teacher

The accountant earns the most

Sam is not the accountant

Clive earns the least

Rob earns more than Sam

Clive is not an accountant

Sam is not the teacher

It should be pretty easy :)


Good luck!

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