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Trap17?s Very Own Scavenger Hunt! Participate and win hosting credits.

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Here is your chance to earn some free hosting credits from yours truly.


I am holding a contest to see how well you know about Xisto and our forum layouts. This contest isn?t limited to what is said here. The contest can change from time to time and at any moment.


Here are the rules:

This contest is open to general hosting members only. Administrators and moderators are not eligible.

All responses are final and subject to review.

When the contest is over, it?s over.

The response will be submitted in the form of posting. Simply, you are going to post your answer.

Each contest will have its own rules, if any, and requires to be prompt, i.e. first 3 responses.

This rule may be changed through out the contest, but will not change during a contest that?s running. I will add more as I see it fit.

The contest is valid until administrators or moderators see that it?s not helping Xisto.

The contest will be drawn up before hand and left invisible until the day of said starting date.

Only administrators and moderators are allowed to suggest contest subjects in The Private section. Administrators and moderators, you know the place I?m talking about :D

The correct answer to a contest is also drawn up before the contest. So no disputing.

The administrator or the moderator who conducts the contest will hand out hosting credits from his/her own account.

So, stay tuned and stay active in the forum. It pays to be alert. :)



1. Administrators and moderators, please direct your queries to here: Click here to discuss

2. Pinning this topic and remain closed until the starting date

3. DO NOT try to respond or make new topics regarding this contest, please.

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New contest!


This contest will run on August 21th 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) and as soon as all necessary answers are obtained, the contest will be over.

Please hold your question (because it's self-explanatory) and making new topics regarding this contest. Thank you.

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