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Adding Moderators In Phpbb Forum

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First, go to your admin control panel. Then from there, there should be a place to add moderators and other admins. Sorry about the lack of detail but I don't have PHPBB installed right now.

If you really need help, just go to https://www.phpbb.com/ and look at the documentation. There also should be some documentation in the admin control panel. Although, I am not so sure.

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Ok i currently installed phpBB and i learned how to add a Site admin, but how do i add moderaters?


1. login as admin

2. go to the admin control panel

3. once inside CP, click MANAGEMENT under USER ADMIN. (it's in the bottom part of the left frame menu).

4. type in username of forum member you want to add as moderator, then click "look up user".

5. you will be presented with the user profile of the member. scroll down till you reach the "special admin-only fields".

6. select "rank title" you want to give that user (since you want that user to be moderator, select MODERATOR).

7. click "submit" and you're done. -_-


do this within IE, since firefox has some issues (i don't know if it has been resolved already in recent updates) with passwords in phpbb. in firefox before, password tends to be reset for the user you are trying to edit. just to be on the safe side, use IE for this. otherwise, the user you just gave moderator status won't be able to login with his old password since it has been reset.

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I initially also didnt know how to set it but I soon figure it out, I think you can also go to advance permission or some permission page and find the user, and there's a drop down bar that shows the rank for the member and change it from there...

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