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Great games, but hope you next time link them up because its troublesome to copy and paste them into the borwser for every link...

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Hey Nice Find!


But are all those legal ganes you can download? Or Warez? If they are Warez, are you allowed Warez on here?


Yes they r all legal games but some games may have some probs

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May I know what's warez? I've heard ppl talking about it but didnt know what it was...


Yea, me too please? I haven't heard about this until coming through some of the topics here. If it's illegal, I'd like to know what it's all about, so that I don't do something to get in trouble with.


Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me :P

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A term used by software pirates use to describe a

cracked game or application that is made available to the

Internet, usually via FTP or telnet, often the pirate

will make use of a site with lax security.


Software piracy is illegal and should be reported to the

Federation Against Software Theft (FAST).



Check Dictionary.com yourself


Usually anything that is labelled as "Warez" suggests illegal material/software that is generally released to the public via "underground" means. This could be anything like movies, music, pictures (porn), software, games, documents, etc.. Basically, anything digital and illegally obtained could be considered "Warez".


I hope that helps!

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