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Windows XP Built in Applications ... some of them

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Some of Windows XP Built in Applications:


1. sysedit.exe (System Configuration Editor )

2. perfmon.exe (System Monitor )

3. eudcedit.exe (Private character editor)

4. drwtsn32.exe (Dr Watson)

5. dxdiag.exe (DirectX diagnosis)

6. telnet.exe (Microsoft Telnet Client)

7. iexpress.exe (IExpress Wizard - Create self-extracting / self-installing package)

8. mobsync.exe (Microsoft Synchronization Manager)

9. cleanmgr.exe (Disk Cleanup)

10. odbcad32.exe (ODBC Data Source Administrator)

11. packager.exe (Object Packager)

12. mplay32.exe (Windows Media Player 5.1)

13. winchat.exe (Windows for Workgroups Chat)

14. rasphone.exe (Remote Access phone book)

15. regedt32.exe & regedit.exe (Registry Editor)

16. shrpubw.exe (Network shared folder wizard)

17. sigverif.exe (File siganture verification tool)

18. sndvol32.exe (Volume Control)

19. charmap.exe (Character Map)

20. syskey.exe (Syskey)

21. clipbrd.exe (Clipboard Viewer)

22. verifier.exe (Driver Verifier Manager)


Credit goes to Double_D

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