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The Great Big Donation!

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To keep this very simple:


I want to see just how many people here would donate 1FNH$ to me. It's only a small amount, not even a post! So If you want to be included in a 'Secret Programme' then all you have to do is donate 1FNH$ to me.


Very Simple, but should be effective.


To everyone who donates 1FNH$ I will give that user 2FNH$ back - seems fair doesn't it!


OK - I've decided to change the rates (for the better). Here is how it will work now.


1. Donate 10FNH$ get 13 back

2. Donate 20FNH$ get 26 back

3. Donate 50FNH$ get 59 back


Any amounts donated that are less than 10FNH$ will not qualify for the programme and will not be returned. Any amounts that are donated that are not either 10,20 0r 50 FNH$ will also not qualify and will not be returned.






Please note that I am not online 24/7 - but almost!

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still aint got my two FNH$
i think thos lad is running a scam here. has anybody else had their two FHN$ off him

Did you not get my PM?

The PM outlines the details, you will be contacted like it says with more details.

Don't worry, you will get your 2$

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Everybody hes no fake, i did recieve my 2 FNH$ twice lol
give the geeza 1 FNH$ hes no fake

1 FNH$ aint put..lol gonna donate and see what happens

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hazaa3000 has donated 2 FNH$ to you.  


hazaa3000 wrote:

As promissed your 2 FNH$


Please leave feedback in the topic!





Theres your proof its NOT a scam :D

Thanks hazaa3000



Tim :twisted:

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