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gears (computer games, parts, and more) all free.

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do not considered to be spam or anything like that, but I feel that a way that getting something free is good. This method requires not CC. you can get lots of things.


gears4free, here is where it starts.


1. sign up (it is phpbb based)

2.Open a new window and go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (Works Better Than Walla) and create 2 new email accounts. Remember the usernames and passwords.

3. Now, go back to the Gears4Free page.

4. go to 'complete an offer'

5. do both of the ebay offers (the US and AU versions)

6. Use each of your @thepoliticalprison.com emails for each Ebay. (1 e-mail per)

7. Bid on an item or two. Become the highest bidder. (For both sites)


Notes: For the bidding:

I always go to Jewelery and select from the drop down menu: Lowest Price First. Then bid on an item with lots of time left and that is very cheap. It's always best to bid on a few items, as opposed to just one. Winning is not required. Only being the highest bidder is.


Remember: Only 1 Gears4Free account per household.


What makes this work?

The e-mail address you used allows you not to have to put in a credit card.Don't forget to US address when registering on Ebay.com and an Australian address when registering for Ebay.AU (real or false, it is your choice).

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All you are doing is getting 2 ebay accounts. One for the US and the other for the US. Then you just bid on any item, you do not have to be the winner. What I do is bid on a very low priced item that I know is expected to go up.

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then you get some other people with different IP to register under you. Once you have enough referrals, you can get your free gear.

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1. you sign up: Linky
2. do the first two offers, which are the ebay ones.
3. get other people, anyone that have a different IP from you, to sign up.
4. allow them to do the ebay offers as well.

The number is referrals is based upon how much the widescreen is

for ex: WoW, hl2, and other games requires only 2 referrals.

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