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MSN 7.0 Screen Shots and more....!!

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MSN 7.0 IS ROCKS!!! 8)

I took a few screen shots (poor) but thought some people might want to see it 8)

These links are what is called "Personal Space" it's a new and approved profile!! I like it alot! 8)

Somthing else I like is when you sign in you have the choice on how you want your status when you sign in such as....."Online, Busy, Be Right Back, Away, On THe Phone, Out To Launch, or Appear Offline.

and lots more, I whish I could tell you everything but there is just to much!!

oh yeah 1 last thing, you know how you have all these sign in names when you go to sign in (if your not the auto login) and you have some old ones, well now under options you can delete the unwanted names!! I find that very cool 8) WAY TO GO MSN!!! :D:P

if haveing problems with that one try this one, it will take you to the same place but I think it's somehow diff.

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I've got 7 Beta on my Home PC and 6.2 on my Laptop. The winks just get annoying when I'm trying to work, and I couldn't find away of disabling them. So I'm sticking with 6.2 for the moment.

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