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Website templates!

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Im looking for a good website template!


Does anybody know where i can find good free templates?


I would like a html/flash template for a music site that im gonna setup for rock bands in my local area to showcase their work.. it will also have gig guides and loads of other stuff.


Its not that im too lazy to make one myself! im still a beginner in web design (ive learnt some html, java, cgi,perl so far).

So if any of you know any good free template site please let me know! Or if anyone would be so kind to donate a template to me, i would be thankfull...

The sort of template im looking for is a dark style which i can edit easily.

thanx all...


Please post replys or get in touch with me.




I already have a site (my own site)


Its a template from adesdesign which ive changed to suit my needs..

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I know a site that have many types of templates, including web templates. I found that site very cool, with lots of cool stuff.
I don't know if it fits your needs, but for web designing, you can find there a lot of templates and add-ons to a site, and it's free.


After you check it out, let me know if my sugestions was useful.

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Here is a very good site, they have tonnes of free templates available...


http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I got loads from them too :)

They also run a regular newsletter if I remember correctly.


Also, if you're going to use php-nuke, try http://www.themechooser.com/


They have got well over 400 themes, some of them are from sites such

as Mtechnik as well as other sites. Some of the other sites that make

nuke themes charge for them, but quite often themechooser has them.

And they're all free !!!!

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