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I want to populate form values with data if the data chosen in a drop down menu matches with data that is already entered in to the excel sheet. The rest of the values are just textboxes. I was thinking if I could just force the value of the textbox to the data already entered in the sheet, but the form values are not changing. Please help!Code:Private Sub wellname_Change()num = Sheet2.Cells(1, 1) - 1For Count = 1 To num Step 1 If wellname.Value = Sheet1.Cells(count, 1) Then UserForm1.point1.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 2) UserForm1.point2.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 3) UserForm1.point3.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 4) UserForm1.point4.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 5) UserForm1.point5.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 6) UserForm1.point6.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 7) UserForm1.point7.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 8) UserForm1.point8.Value = Sheet1.Cells(Count, 9) End IfNext Count End Sub

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