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  1. I am creating a checkbook balancing program that uses multiple forms. The first form will allow the user to enter a certain number of deposits, withdrawals, etc. I want to have the ability to have the user be able to enter more than what this first screen will provide by allowing them to transfer to another form. I would like to store the data entered for each of these transaction types into a global variable (to be used throughout the project) array, and produce a total of the dollar amount of this transaction type to be used in coming up with an ending balance of the account. My question is, is there a special way of defining these variables so that they can be referenced on all of the forms throughout the project?
  2. I have a timesheet type form that has 40 different row - each row has two dropdowns, one for a project and one for a task, and a dropdown box for each day of the week. Once a project and task has been selected, hours spent on that task each day of the week are entered into the text boxes.What I would ideally like to do is, before I send this page for processing on my asp page (which involves saving the data back to the database), I'd like to check whether or not the user has entered the same project/task combination on multiple rows.....the dropdowns on each row are named project1-project40, task1-task40, mon1-mon40 etc.I'm using VBScript for the server side scripting, but I'll happily incorporate a section of Javascript code if that will offer me a simpler solution.Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome here!
  3. I have a ColdFusion application that allows users to upload a zipped file containing multiple text files and PDF files to our web server. Once the file is received, it is unzipped. The files are then uploaded to our Sybase database using CFEXECUTE with the Unix BCP (Bulk Copy Procedure) command. I am currently running the production application under ColdFusion 5 and BCP works fine. I am in the process of migrating this application to ColdFusion MX 7. When I run the application I get the error message "An error occurred when attempting to allocate localization-related structures." when it attempts to run the BCP command. BCP works fine from the command line (telnet). Our architecture is iPlanet on the DMZ with a proxy to CFMX running on BEA inside the firewall. Do you have any idea what's causing this error? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guy's well i have a game server and some time on startup when i restart the server some process run when i dont want them i have tried to look in mscongfig and there not there so i want to make a app that will kill a couple prcess should be easy but can some one point me in the direction im verry new to c++ i know vb lo0l i already had made app like this in vb that made a batch file.Then executed. Was a little bit like this in vb. Code: Private Sub Form_Load()Me.HideSet fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Set a = fs.CreateTextFile("c:\testfile.bat", True)a.WriteLine ("TASKKILL /F /IM my.exe ") a.CloseEnd Sub Then basicaly shell exe.But haw would i go about this in c++ as i want to learn c++,I would also like it to be added to the reg for startup.thnx
  5. Is there a way to show a user's remote ip address if they are behind a router using nat in a vb application. So far I have tried screen scraping https://www.whatismyip.com/ but in the textbox it show's from the start of the webpage to the end of the ip address (I can't get it show starting from the ip address to the end of the address). Any idea's or code would be very helpful.
  6. I have a web app deployed in Tomcat and I was wondering if it is possible so that at midnight every night, the server collects information and sends an email. Collecting the information and sending the email is no trouble. What I can't figure out is how to make the server execute this task at midnight each night without a user having to do anything. Is it possible to schedule a task for a Java web app to run?
  7. I am creating a webs interface to a database which as you would imagine allows the user to search the database for soemthing, and on submitting search the results are shown. So far i have done this in just one .cgi program. I know i could have write 2 seperate programs to accomplish this task- i.e one passing parameters to another. My question is this- I'm going to have to make all the search results in a way such that you click on one and you display all the info on that particular result. But is it good practice to say have multiple .cgi files with them all linked by forms with an action that passes params to another, or have it all in one .cgi program?
  8. Okay so what Im trying to figure out is how I would go about giving the people to uh, well for examplkes sake it would be like"how many cats do you have"then theyd fill in a number, submit and the next page would print out boxes for as many cats they have that will be too fill in a color of the cat, so basically something like that, where it will only give them so many fields based on how many they said they have, and then their final "reciept" will only print out stuff for as many as they filled itn
  9. Title practically tells all. whenever the letters "erty" are inserted in that order. i want to be able to close the current active wordpad window. i have no idea how to do this with WinAPI functions although i think i could use FindWindow() and CloseWindow() to close the window maybe? it's the catching input thats bugging me. i need to be able to catch it while another window is active any ideas?
  10. Speed is certainly one of the most important factors when it comes to making a successful web site. These days people have high expectations, they expect a web site to load as fast as an application on their operating system, and therefore even a few seconds of waiting can frustrate them or leave altogether. A good website should take about 8-12 seconds (for a 56K) to load. The website owner is going to have to decide how fast its pages are going to be, for example for a multimedia or a flash site they can afford to be a bit slower than others provided that the users know the nature of the site. If you're curious as to how fast you're website is here are two websites that checks your speed: http://www.vertain.com/?sst http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/ Ways to speed up your website HTML issues: - Use CSS where possible: Because pages with stylesheets load faster than those web sites designed with font tags and tables, and also it's much faster and easier to make changes. (Some resources on CSS http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp, http://websitetips.com/, and http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) - Stay clear of nested tables: Nested tables are basically tables within tables, but too many of theses can really slow down the browser. When a page loads the browser starts from the top and goes down in a consecutive manner, with nested tables it has to find the end of the table before it can display the entire thing. - Specifying height and width: For tables and images it's a good idea to specify their height and width, as it helps out the browser and therefore speeds up the process.
  11. I know this is an easy question (if you know the answer?) but I am at the ?hair pulling out? stage with this.Very simply, I have an Access database that I am accessing using ASP (ADO).If I have the database in the normal htdocs folder and use mappath to tell ASP where it is and what it is called, then no problem. Works perfectly.However, if I leave the database in that folder and someone ?views source? to find out the name of the database, then they can easily download the database. Not good.I have now put the database in the private folder (same level as htdocs. That is, /private and not /htdocs/private) so that the database cannot be downloaded (correct?).Problem is I now cannot figure out how to write the mappath so that ASAP can find the database! This is despite searching here, codefixer, w3schools, google etc etc.I know it?s easy to fix but I just can?t find the answer.Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all am making a website for a car selling company as part of our university project and just wondering if anyone can point me in the right diection. I must make a website which holds details about the cars in a database and i have got to make a search area very much like the one on http://www.autotrader.co.uk/ but i dont have a clue how too do one and and must learn on how to do it, it does not have to be as good as the autotrader one but it must but able to help the customers pick the make and model of he car they are looking for e.g. make:fiat modelunto etc. if anyone know of a page where i could learn on how to make search areas please let me know.(ps. i am using dreamweaver 8 and coldfusion mx 7)
  13. From the environment variables, i get the domain of the referring site using SERVER_NAME. The includes www. and i have to remove that. I dont believe there is a variable in the environment that contains only the domain.So I would need to replace each character in the char* string by "" until i hit a '.' then replace the dot with "" and get the remaining string. Here is the catch. I can't include big headers because i need the file to stay really small around 20-30kb. So ideally, would need to use functions in stdlib.h stdio.h or string.h to get this done.Thanks in advance
  14. I can't do the online tutorials anymore. They're just too succint, they gloss over things that I have to go to a different tutorial to find out, and I just don't think that they are teaching me at the level that I want to be taught.I'm a broke student, and this html/css addiction is up to me to feed. So, if you know any good books, preferably with both html and css covered, or with web design in general covered, and I won't need to sell my clothes to afford it, please recommend it. I need my clothes, it's cold outside. Or if you know a book that ain't cheap, feel free to mention it too. I do plan on getting some money some day.
  15. Hopefully this is the best place for this question.Many of you will have used MSN messenger and seen how they embed the 2 webcam images in a window...is it possible to do a similar thing via the web?While scouting through the web I found a naughty website that had a web cam on it...which is part one and suggested that you could also have a web cam goin the other way.I think this was done possibly using Java? Can anyone recommend a technology/language that would be best suited to this task please?Thanks for you time
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