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  1. Not to be a nerd or anything, but I am saving up for a Western Digital external hard drive for 89.99 USD!!
  2. That last picture looks kinda creepy..... It looks like there is some kind of gooey strawberry milk in its eyes......
  3. Thanks! That is all I needed to know. I can get really curious at points of time. =)
  4. I learnt something new today!! I knew about the 255 thing but the alt thing was pretty cool. I went from A-Z and it was great! I got really bored then....... But thanks!!
  5. Personally, I like to use xDRIVE better.......even though it is closing on January of 2009........T.T.........I am going probably going to transfer all of my files onto Esnips.......Thanks for sharing. 5GB space is a lot. My flash drive is merely 512MB. Time to get a new one. =)
  6. So I was searching through the internet when I found a method of making money online. It said like there are 5 email addresses in a list similar to this: 1) email address #1 2) email address #2 3) email address #3 4) email address #4 5) email address #5 It says that you want to pay each of these people a buck (dollar). So each of of these people have received a USD dollar. With me so far? Then you would delete the first email address and move all the email addresses up the list. So email address #2 would be one, email address #3 would be 2, and so on. Then you would place your paypal email address at the bottom, #5. Repost the information onto any 200 blogs / forums / w/e. Then everyone who views this would to it again and again.... Does it work? I would be smart and just do the process w/o paying anyone. Is everyone that "smart" too? Has anyone done this and succeeded? I heard that this is illegal but Wall Street says it is legal. Would it be classified as a "Pyramid Scheme"? If you don't know what a pyramid scheme is, refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme . Thanks in advance for looking at this and replying to it. For your people's information: I am too young to have a paypal account so I can't do this. This is out of curiosity.....
  7. Looks really nice. What I admire most about the site are the rollover buttons. They are pretty-ful. =). MAybe you could add some things that would be eye-attracting. By the way, are you vietnamese? Your last name seems so familiar.......
  8. Windows 7 looks so promising!! I just hope they don't lower the awesome graphics too much..... Start up time should be about the same as XP Professional, I hear..... That is still pretty slow..... The Windows 7 preview on that article looks like like the graphics are sucky and worse than XP..... It is all plain and silvery and reminds me of 2000......
  9. Lol, the operating system is so old. Does that mean Microsoft will stop issuing licenses for Windows 95 in the year 2013 and Windows 98 in the year 2016? =). At the bottom of that article, it says that many people today still rely on old operating systems (that are likely to fail anytime).
  10. Do you know the reason why most anti-virus programs do not detect spyware? I don't like spending money on programs like SilverSword...... McAfee and Norton should be tracking these things down, right? They are top notch.
  11. I had the same EXACT feelings when I saw this girl. I liked her since 4th grade. So that is about 4 years now. It is kinda creepy though. She is my friend and she knew I liked her since 5th grade..... So I decided that I won't have a girlfriend until AFTER high school. Too much trouble. You get one, have fun, get dumped, then she blames you for everything....... It is pointless unless the relationship is serious. Finish high school first.
  12. I did!! A teacher got mad at me and I was afraid to go in the classroom so I hid in the bathroom all period. I got sent to the office the next hour though......
  13. Are the employees or is the COMPANY getting sued? If the company is getting sued, I think McDonalds should win. If employees are getting sued, they should LOSE, LOSE, LOSE!! Three million bucks is a whole lot.....
  14. Oh my god.....Do you do this for a living? These things are not good for you.... I mean, you are wasting your valuable time. You could be doing a FUN major for your job. I could work at McDonalds and make more than that.
  15. I hear guys ask girls this ALL the time. Girls get kind of over-protective and scary..... Last week, someone got dumped for being to over-protective and being the "CIA" of her life. She's like, "You are not the ____ CIA of my life"! It was kinda funny.
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