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  1. Hey vietpost,How the hell did you manage to generate my gmail user name in a photo ?I'm pretty impressed !!. PLS tell us how to do it.Bye,Bigyan
  2. Hey, Xisto has started blocking words now !!.I thought it was a free forum, free from censor !!.You are able to block "****", but how the hell are you going to block this :S-H-I-T ??Stop all these nonsense, all members are grownups .........
  3. Hi Folks,According to me, this GOOGLE dominance is pure ****. Google is big no doubt, but it is not bigger than the world wide web itself. True that it iss web's most popular search engine, but that is not enough to give them authority to dictate rules.Personally I'm not bothered with Google bcoz my site is a personal webpage which has got nothing to do with search engine rankings.Bye,Bigyan
  4. Hi Guys,If anyone of you know a full-proof way to increase your page rankings in GOOGLE. Just post here. I'm desperately looking for a way to increase my page rankings but t no help.Bye,Bigyan
  5. Hey folks,I have actually know ssomebody who has received the money from GOOGLE. His is an e-commerce site with a pretty decent traffic (>1000 hits per day). He claims to haave got this money from GOOGLE. He has indeed got $100.But, its also true that he is the only one whom I know who has ever claimed ab8 it. Rest all are complaining. In personal front, I've never used it since my site is a personal homepage.Bye,BigyanBye,Bigyan
  6. Hi folks,This new feature looks pretty cool !! It was actually quite impressive. I was most impressed by the technology used to suggest the keywords !!Google scholar is also a gr8 feature. I'm actually seriously using it for my projects.Bye,Bigyan
  7. Hi vietpost,My OS (at the time of writing) is Fedora Core I. However I also have Solaris in my machine and also Win2000.Win 2000 is needed for synchronizing my PDA with my computer and the damn software doesn't have a Linux version.My browser is obviously Mozilla.Bye,Bigyan
  8. Hi wanhafizi,Meta search is a technology used by many search engines to rank webpages. The technology is based on the keywords found on the meta tags of one's page. The engine categorizes the site on the basis of keywords as found in the meta tags.The answer to your second question is a bit complicated !. There is no full-prooff way to increase your page rankings in the search engines. But one proven fact is that the more your site is linked to by big websites, the more is your page rank.Bye,Bigyan
  9. Hey mhykhh,Plz do send me the ebooks that u have. I am really desperate to put up a database on web. It'll make my web-design much simpler !!Bye,Bigyan
  10. Yeah jipman,I agree with u fully. GIMP is one of the very best Graphics Tools availaible currently and like Photoshop, once you get the knack of it, u find it easy. Moreover it has a gr8 fan following too.About VIM, nothings like it, except for Emacs. VIM changed my ideas of a simple plaintext word processor (yeah VIM in my opinion counts as a word processor and not only as a text editor). But Emacs simply rocks ...... but only after anybody has taken the trouble to learn its obscure commands by heart !! But indeed, after you learn it, it's really a powertool.Bye,Bigyan
  11. Hey mhykhh,You are very right. This combination works well for me as well. This is a gr8 combination. I also use Corel Draw for my graphics as I'm a big vector fan. But obviously Photoshop is one of the very best tools availaible these days and one should definitely go for it.To me your whole combination looks cool, professional and pretty relieble.Bye,Bigyan
  12. Hey Guys,My HDD is 20+80 = 100GB !!.I've heard that RAID increases HDD performance. But my local computer expert told me that it is not applicable to my current setup. Why is it so ?What do I ned to have RAID in my HDDs ??Bye,Bigyan
  13. Hey r3d,This appeared cool, but you forget one common thing, that is FLASH is not a very popular medium b'coz it is not turned on in many browsers (like Firefox in mine, and I've kept it so for good measure !!).Anyway, why the hell does one need to protect the source code for ?? The content of the webpage make it good or bad, not its HTML source !! Personally, I'm against all these b'coz I learnt HTML by looking at other people's source codes only !!If you like other's not to steal your image, watermark it !!If you want people not to see your cool javascripts, use a scrambler software !! ........... These things are simple !!Buy,Bigyan
  14. Hey Guys,It's C++ for me on Game programming. You can never beat C++ on that front. It's such a gr8 language. With the many free OpenGL libraries availaible, who nees any thing else !!Bye,Bigyan
  15. Thanks mhykhh,For your advice ; but I've already made a gr8 start from reading the documentation from the main PHP site only. I guess its the very best of the PHP tutorials out there.However, I do agree that everything cannot be learnt from reading the manual only. There's a hell lot more to PHP than that small manual. I'll definitely try to read up some tutorials from the site that u mentioned.Bye,Bigyan
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